Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Ethics? That’s a concept of a bygone political era c. 2015

Okay, maybe political ethics have been questionable for longer that the past year but we voted in scandal (and not the good ABC primetime variety). Then again did we really vote it in when Clinton won by almost 3-milion votes.

Bloomberg news talks, however, about how Trump’s plan for his businesses, while he is in office, would not hold muster ethically for a Federal employee. The good news, as we all know, for Trump is the rules don’t apply to him (in reality this time, not just in his head).

If we don’t all end up in prison for being vocal opposition to Trump the ethical scandals that we will see in the coming year should at least prove to be entertaining (that is if they don’t bring the republic down in the process).

Author: Jonathan Gibson


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