Green Chapters 8-9

During the chapter 8-9 David and Marlon face a lot of difficulties within their friendship. David was still having a hard time trying to fit in at school. He still felt as if he did not belong there after Angel threatened him at school. Marlon was not there to save David from that terrorizing moment. But David was also not there for Marlon when he needed him during  fight. They are friends and they should have each others back but it does not seem like they do. I feel as if both of them are bad friends to each other and they have been together since the beginning. They need to be more loyal to each other because they really need each other in school. David was influenced by Marlon’s religion and wanted to be baptized. They attempted a baptism in Marlon’s bathtub. This shows how David get influenced easily. This is bad because he can go against Marlon quick if someone tries to convince him that Marlon is not the guy he thinks he is.

Marlon and David tend to also cheat each other because David cheats off of Marlon on the test and Marlon lies about getting accepted to the school. I think that there is just a lot wrong within their relationship because they lie to each other. Marlon lied to David about being accepted because he was embarrassed that he was not accepted while David was accepted into that school. I think that if they were really true friends they would not hide things from each other like this and they would always tell each other the truth. But David and Marlon were not proud of being rejected from the school and Marlon ended up lying to David because of that reason.