The Namesake-Chapters 7-9

In these three chapters so much had happened. Ashoke passes away and the whole family gets together to mourn for his death. When Ashoke moved out to Ohio, it gave Ashima time to get used to living without her husband. At first she felt like she was very lonely but later on after she became more independent and she was able to live alone. Ashima’s children came to visit her when their father had passed. Sonia also moved back to Boston because she thought its important for someone to stay with Ashima now that she is all alone now.

Later on Gogol ends up breaking up with Maxine because of the differences in their lives. I think that this was good for Gogol because I felt like Gogol was being controlled by Maxine. This is because she would always try to drag him with her everywhere. For instance when Gogol had to take care of his father’s ashes she wanted to travel while he did that. But when Gogol said no to her she felt angry because he didn’t want to do something she wanted to do. But on the other hand Gogol never said no to her and it was a shock for Maxine to hear no from Gogol.

Afterwards Gogol meets Moushumi and everything was going good with her. They were getting along, and were really able to understand each other very well because they knew each other from a young age. They even got married and had a traditional Bengali wedding. But later on Gogol starts feeling jealous of her ex fiance. This is very toxic for their relationship because Moushumi did talk about her previous relationship a lot and it got into Gogol’s head. He felt as if Moushumi cared more about that relationship than their relationship.

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  1. I believe that it was a good idea for Maxine and Gogol to split off because like you said she always wanted to be with him, always wanted to drag him to every vacation. She wanted to know so much about him on certain things he wasn’t even ready to talk about.

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