Ending Namesake

The book ends with Gogol finally reading the book that his father had given to him in high school. I believe that after he read the book that’s when he realized the importance of his name Gogol. Maushumi was not being loyal to Gogol and that really broke his heart. Maushumi was the Bengali version of Max, Gogol’s ex-girlfriend. They were both selfish people that didn’t take Gogol into account, while Gogol always made sure to do that for them. I think Maushumi just had a lot of history that she never let go of before marrying Gogol. She rushed the marriage because in the Bengali culture woman are supposed to get married as soon as possible. This shows how Gogol was very selfish because she only got married to Gogol for the culture.

Gogol was always kept in the dark with Maushumi because she never told him anything about herself to him. Especially in the night when she started crying, she told Gogol she was crying because of the rain. She constantly lied to Gogol. She lied about herself, and their relationship, and that was not right what she did to Gogol. But even though Gogol would experience these things with her he didn’t really speak up and stand up for himself. He always just kept quiet about it. He even did that in his previous relationship with Maxine. He always kept quiet even if he felt like he was being fetishized by her family.. The same thing was happening with Maushumi and Gogol. She was also fetishizing Gogol because he was Bengali and he fits right in with culture and family.

In conclusion, the book was very interesting because it was different and showed the struggles of a Desi living in America. I related to some of the Desi culture and traditions being a brown person myself.