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Williamsburg Backgrounder

Bordered by Brooklyn Navy Yard, Queens, Bushwick, and Bedford Stuyvesant 3,420 businesses recorded on reference in USA Subway Service- Ranked 53rd busiest subway stop in NYC; approx. 7 million riders annually use this stop; 19550 riders on an average weekday;  65% of residents ride subway Real estate- 3520 people per square mile; median household income= $40,836; […]

Chelsea Backgrounder

The unique neighborhood of Chelsea is a neighborhood located on the West Side of Manhattan starting at 34th Street up until West 14th Street. Chelsea is part of Manhattan Community Board 4 and 5 and listed as PUMA 5 for the American Community Survey. Chelsea got its name from the home of a retired British […]

Neighborhood Background : Chelsea

Daniel Collins Journalism Neighborhood Backgrounder             The neighborhood of Chelsea dates back to 1750 where a retired American soldier by the name of Thomas Clarke decided to spend the last decades of his life. He built his house in this neighborhood because at the time it was over three miles away from the actual development […]

Neighborhood Backgrounder: Gravesend

Gravesend is located in South Brooklyn, north of Coney Island, and east of Bensonhurst.  It is often divided up and placed with other neighborhoods, especially the ones I just mentioned, whenever data is collected.  The Department of City Planning places a good part of it in the 11th Community District, which includes Bensonhurst.  The Census […]

Neighborhood Backgrounder: Merrick/East Meadow

Merrick and East Meadow are two neighboring towns, which can be seen as central points of Long Island. Merrick Avenue, a main street which runs between both towns, is an example of just how unique the neighborhood is. The street is lined with everything from a tiny shoe repair store the size of a bathroom, […]

Central Bronx Background

Walking down the streets of the Central Bronx area, can arouse a variety of emotions both good and bad. There is a living character in every neighborhood, and in the Central Bronx, I can tell you it is one of comfort for being some place familiar and lively. And then there’s the feeling of a […]

Neighborhood Backgrounder: Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen spans roughly from 34th Street to 59th Street west of 8th Avenue, and has a history that supports its name. The neighborhood, although it has improved over the years, still retains its diversity and it’s charm. With a background flooded with immigrants, the neighborhood has developed as a center of ethnic cuisine. The […]

Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village Background

Touted as a “suburb in the city,” Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village (STPCV) was built and opened in the late 1940s by Met Life Insurance for returning WWII veterans in desperate need of housing. With Robert Moses leading the way, space was cleared in the old Gas House District with little resistance. Thousands were forced to […]

Neighborhood Backgrounder – Long Island City

Aaron Monteabaro Neighborhood Backgrounder Long Island City is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the metro area, and one in need of much revitalization. The population is generally younger and centered around the arts and social services. The interesting mix of industrial and rising levels of residential commerce make it a unique case study […]

Upper East Side Background

In my research of the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, I found some very interesting issues and aspects, that one would not think would be present here. As individuals, we seem to believe that everything about the Upper East Side is perfect; the best schools, the best apartments, the best restaurants, and of course, […]