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New York City Bike Lanes: Safe Route or Danger Zone?

For some, riding a bike is a hobby, a method of relaxation; for others it is a daily, relied upon mode of transportation. With the rise in popularity of bike riding and the influx of bike lanes popping up around the city, inexperienced riders, unlawful riders, uninformed drivers, and unaware pedestrians have given rise to […]

50 Years Strong: Hell’s Kitchen’s Favorite Pizza Joint

With only a few feet between the counter and the wall, you may have to squeeze by a small family to get a seat in the back. However, as local residents proclaim, the effort is worth the reward; this pizza is too special to walk and eat for the first time. Sacco’s Pizza’s claim to neighborhood […]

The Block That is Changing Hell’s Kitchen

Many New Yorkers are too hurried to take in their surroundings as they bustle through the familiar yet undistinguishable city streets. On a normal commute to work, one does not normally stop to look at the fascinating architecture of nineteenth century structures nor does one pause for even a moment to take in the scent […]

Neighborhood Backgrounder: Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen spans roughly from 34th Street to 59th Street west of 8th Avenue, and has a history that supports its name. The neighborhood, although it has improved over the years, still retains its diversity and it’s charm. With a background flooded with immigrants, the neighborhood has developed as a center of ethnic cuisine. The […]

Burgers, booze and Barack Obama

       The beer taps were flowing at The Irish Rogue, a Hell’s Kitchen pub, on election night. Act Now volunteers and avid Barack Obama supporters crammed into the upstairs lounge of the pub and tuned into CNN to watch the election results.       With a cardboard cutout of Obama standing in the corner and all […]