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Even Gracie Point Can’t Make Garbage Pretty

Gorgeous, well-kept parks, beautifully preserved landmarks, and nothing but the sound of cars passing on the East River Drive; this is the Upper East Side known to residents and visitors alike. Odors, noise, and sanitation trucks that line 91st street in parade formation; this is the Upper East Side after the expansion of the Marine […]

One Commitment, One Cause, All Women

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.” The wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson continue to resonate through hearts all over the world. Individuals, as well as organizations, have been providing their time and services for people in need for many years. Community service comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the neighborhood […]

Manhattan’s Own Wonderland

Wonderland: an imaginary land of marvels, and strange beauty. The grinning Cheshire cat, the crazy Mad Hatter, and the overbearing Queen of Hearts; children and adults all over the world can rarely forget the story of Alice in Wonderland. From the mystical creatures, to imaginative adventures, Alice’s fateful fall down a rabbit hole brought fantasy […]

The Good Life or The Green Life?

It’s the Dalton School education for our children, the penthouse that overlooks Central Park, and the $180 caviar at Le Cirque. This is the dream as we drift to sleep at night, the wish on every birthday candle, and the heart of twelve hour work days. Maybe it’s the New Year’s resolution at the end […]