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“Boulevard of Death” Gives Community New Life

Canal Street has four of them. Houston has six. Interstate 9, better known as the West Side Highway, can have as many as 10, but that still pales in comparison to another New York City native. With a whopping 16 lanes at its peak, Queens Boulevard dwarfs these trails and still has room to spare. […]

Hipster Housing? Not in Greenpoint!

Real estate in New York sounds like an oxymoron for some hipsters in Williamsburg. In a 2001 New York Magazine article about the 11222, broker Penny Pear says, “This place is so hot — it’s sizzling! This is the best-kept secret in New York, I swear!”  The neighborhood has evolved from a dingy rat hole […]

New York City Bike Lanes: Safe Route or Danger Zone?

For some, riding a bike is a hobby, a method of relaxation; for others it is a daily, relied upon mode of transportation. With the rise in popularity of bike riding and the influx of bike lanes popping up around the city, inexperienced riders, unlawful riders, uninformed drivers, and unaware pedestrians have given rise to […]

Co-Ops, Condos, and Community

For six decades Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village has been a renter’s paradise, boasting low prices and a secluded tract of prime Manhattan real estate. But the recent shuffle in ownership has shaken a traditionally steady neighborhood. Financing the construction itself in the 1940’s, The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company owned the complex for the vast majority […]

Bedford-Atlantic Armory Homeless Gym

As it stands now, the Bedford-Atlantic Armory presents a conflict within Crown Heights. However, if New York City has its way, it may become a bigger conflict in the community. The Armory is a single-male, homeless shelter located on the corner of Atlantic and Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It is a well known […]

The Age-Old Question: Public or Private?

Get good grades, attend a prestigious college, have a successful career, the series of events leading up to the American dream are all determined by our performance in elementary and middle school. “The early years set a pattern for future school behavior,” says Emily Di Martino, English Professor and former Chair of the Education Department […]

Local Museum on the Rise

The state of the art and industrial design of the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) scream SoHo.   However, the three red lanterns, and the string of Christmas lights that hang in the museum window makes MOCA seem a little more rugged, a little eclectic, and a little more like Chinatown. The Museum of Chinese […]

Even Gracie Point Can’t Make Garbage Pretty

Gorgeous, well-kept parks, beautifully preserved landmarks, and nothing but the sound of cars passing on the East River Drive; this is the Upper East Side known to residents and visitors alike. Odors, noise, and sanitation trucks that line 91st street in parade formation; this is the Upper East Side after the expansion of the Marine […]

Where Do the Youths Go?

In the Central Bronx, on nearly every street corner, large groups of youths can be seen and heard talking loudly, gambling, drinking, smoking, arguing and starting trouble. Starting from late afternoon throughout the night on weekdays and weekends, young men and women take to the violent, drug infested streets to pass the time. At the […]