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They Give a Little to Those Who Give More

In the evening hours, on the second Tuesday of every month, children’s laughter and fast paced steps echo through the small cafeteria, with its white brick walls and waxed tile charcoal floors. Large rectangular tables are lined up parallel to one another. Parents sit, engaging in conversation amongst themselves, on the subjects of helping those […]

You Have Herpes. Now What?

At lunch, a teenager on the cusp of adulthood listens to her friends talk about sex and contraceptives, keeping quiet since she doesn’t know anything about those subjects.  In sexual education class, she learns about sex, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, abstinence, and contraceptives.  At home, her mind is spinning with unanswered questions, but she […]

One Commitment, One Cause, All Women

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.” The wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson continue to resonate through hearts all over the world. Individuals, as well as organizations, have been providing their time and services for people in need for many years. Community service comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the neighborhood […]

Community Assist for Phys-Ed

With over 1,600 schools and over one million students, New York City lays claim to having the largest public schooling system in the nation. It boasts a $21 billion annual budget and a robust workforce of 80,000 teachers. Yet with nearly 40% of students (kindergarten to eighth grade) being reported as obese or overweight in […]

A New Final Resting Place for Foodstuffs

On a chilly Saturday morning in late October, bicycles complete with wire basket over the handlebars make trips to and from the Sunnyside Greenmarket to drop off little black bags. Three banana peels, five orange rinds, the leaves from the neighbor’s tree, last night’s salad that didn’t quite make it, the used grounds from a […]