My trip to Ludlow Coffee Supply

I turned down onto Ludlow, the restaurant awnings lit up my path as I walked down the block. I pulled my coat tighter as a cold breeze blew onto my cheeks. About midway down the block I spotted it; the little sign poked out as if it were curious. “Ludlow Coffee Supply” was painted on it in bold black letters. From the outside it looked as if it were just a hole in the wall but once I pulled open the door there was much more to it. My sister trailed in behind me and we were immediately hit by the warmth of the inside. The smell of coffee quickly filled my nose. “Go grab a seat for us.” I said to her as I turned to the little counter to my right. The barista turned to me with a kind smile on her lips, “What can I get for you today?” she asked. My eyes scanned the menu which was hung on the wall behind the counter. It was a simple black board with white letter tiles highlighting the menu options. There were many different beverages to choose from but I decided to stick with something I knew best. “Two hot chocolates please.” I said to her. “Sounds great, they’ll be up in a bit.” She said and gave a little nod with her head. I handed her some cash and turned back towards the rest of the shop. In the front there was two little tables by the windows that were currently occupied. Behind them towards the left were two long tables that were set up higher and had stools placed underneath them so six people could sit at each of them. Two thing lamps hung from the ceiling casting a dim light over the tables by the windows. There was a little wall behind the two tables with a rectangular opening leading to the back of the coffee shop. The front of the shop was dimly lit and mainly got its light from outside. The back was more lit up and had a different atmosphere compared to the front of the shop. Instead of tables, there were two sofas and little cushioned seats scattered and spread out throughout the back. On the right hand side were three large mirrors that were bordered with wood. There was a rectangular light’s that rested on each side of the mirrors edges. On the shelf where the mirrors were placed was also a big stereo that was set right in the middle of them all. Music could be heard softly from the stereo. To my left was a wall lined with a shelf with another little stereo on it and little plants and cacti in pots sitting next to it. A large black board caught my eye with the words: “I’m in the pursuit of Happiness” –‘Kid Cudi’ written on it. I found my sister over by a tiny cherry colored sofa that fit just the two of us. Beside her were shelves filled with vinyl records and little books. “Two hot chocolates!” I heard the barista call out from the front. “I’ll get it.” My sister said getting up from the sofa. As she headed towards the front, I slid over on the sofa towards the shelves and found a box full of vinyls. I pulled out the closest vinyl record near me, it was Prince’s “Purple Rain” record.

The vinyl was in very good condition compared to some other ones that were slowly falling apart or faded with age. My sister walked back over with two cups in her hands. The cups were white and had ‘Ludlow Coffee Supply’ written in the center. She handed me one of the cups and I wrapped my hands around it. I brought the cup to my lips and took a small sip. My taste buds were greeted with the rich flavor of chocolate and it warmed me up immediately. We stayed for a good 30 minutes just enjoying the setting and our drinks and eventually headed out to leave. I would always pass this coffee shop and never stop by but now I’m glad I actually took the time to go in because it was definitely worth it.

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  1. j.mizhquiri1 says:

    Hello Bren!
    At first glance I was not going to read your post because it looked really long however, once I began reading your details immersed me into your experience of this coffee shop. I really like how you describe actions in complete detail. Your post made me picture the events described piece by piece. I thought the part of you finding Prince’s “Purple Rain” record interesting because there are not many left that are in decent condition. Right after reading your post I actually looked for the cafe on Yelp for more visuals and reviews. The place definitely has a low-key vibe which is something I look for in eateries. This summer I have a lot of time on my hands so I will definitely check this place out.

    • JSylvor says:

      Brenn, Your writing in this post is detailed and engaging. You do a nice job of recreating the ambiance of the coffee shop in this post. The only thing that confused me was why you elected to make this the subject of your trip report. Had you already visited when you chose this spot for the trip report? That was not the intention of the assignment? I was hoping that people would use this assignment as an opportunity to visit a new place in the city. Your report suggests that you and your sister just happened upon this coffee shop, so it doesn’t sound like it fully meets the guidelines I intended for this assignment. Still, nice writing, and the coffee shop sounds cozy!

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