Playstation Theater – Trip Report

On Sunday April 15,  I was given the opportunity to work at a show at the Playstation Theater. I work under the Cleaver Co. as a waiter in their catering division. The company was scheduled to cater the Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards is a show that honors social media influencers across most platforms. These platforms include Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and more. My call time was 11AM. I woke up at 7AM because I was nervous about being late. I got ready and waited for my dad to pick me up. He knew where the theater was located and I did not so we agreed to go together. We got off the train and arrived at the theater around 10:30 AM. When I arrived to the theater I had to empty my pockets and give the security guard my backpack so that he could be inspect it. I signed in. I wrote down my name, time of arrival and scribbled gibberish in the position column. The security guard gave me directions to where my company was located. I only got that I had to go down the stairs and nodded as a sign of my “understanding”. The theater was dark and didn’t seem too exciting, it was sort of a letdown for me. I was expecting the theater to be grand and extravagant. After signing in I walked down the stairs since the escalators were not on at that time. When I get to the bottom I turn around and begin to walk until I am met with a split path. I continue to walk the path in front of me but then find myself with two suspicious looking doors. I decide to turn around and circle around the split path section. I walk again to the end of the suspicious doors but immediately go back to where the path splits again. When I went back I decided to ask someone for help. I asked this stocky looking man if he had any idea where I could find the Cleaver Co. and his response was no. I then looked around in frustration and walked to the door which led to a stage. I went back again and decided to ask a lady. She turned around and immediately answered my question. She was clear in her instruction. She told me to walk to the end of the suspicious looking doors past the freight elevators and then to make a right. I did as I was told and was relieved to have spotted my supervisor. (Attached is a link with a map of my complicated journey.) split path

My supervisor gave me a tour of the entire floor and introduced me to another supervisor for the event. I was ready to learn and to make zero mistakes. I was greeted with a warm smile and then quickly bombarded with information on the table set up. The event was going to be set in a family style dinner. I was verbally told the dimensions of each of the tables on three individual floors. The main floor had 60 inch tables, the mezzanine 54 inches in diameter and the balcony 50 inches. The tables first needed to be covered with styrofoam liners so as to prevent the tablecloth from slipping. Then the cloth was to be placed with a seam facing front. After that it was time to set the table. The table was set with a dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, plate, napkin, wine glass, and then lastly water glass. Before the napkins could be placed they had to be folded. Approximately 500 napkins were needed. I and six other people folded napkins for two hours straight. After folding all of the waiters were called to a pre-meeting and were told to change. I was already dressed in all black so I did not need to change. We placed our items in a coat check room and were then given a company meal. I ate herb grilled chicken with tapenade pasta and pita bread. Around 4PM after our meal we were called to the general meeting and told which groups we belonged to and what our duties were. I was assigned hor d’oeuvres, team P-A. When the time came I had to memorize the names of five of the appetizers being served. It was 5PM and time to serve and I was indifferent but also a little nervous. I had a good time passing through the crowd until it got unbearably full. The only people who made my night were this couple that always grabbed three hor d’oeuvres at a time and Keke Palmer who was funny and extremely humble. I urged her to take three of the mini pot pies. I served the Backpack Kid however, it was after the event that I realized who he was.

After serving hors d’oeuvres my feet were really sore. I took a folding chair, opened it and sat on it. I contemplated life and imagined doing exactly what I did today for the rest of my life. I got really scared opened my eyes. I thought about school, my family and friends. Although some of the people who I served were generally nice some of them were not and that stuck with me. It reminded me of an article I read about amusement park mascots. People would think it acceptable to disrespect them, to hit them and ridicule them just because they could not see the person behind the costume. I felt like my uniform was also an agent that represented my position among the members of the party. The rest of night went by quickly and I was sent home early. I appreciated my experience and was glad I learned something from it. I learned that I did not want to work like that for the rest of my life and that I wanted to find a passion to pursue. This day motivated me to become better not only for my own sake and then for the sake of the ones I love. Hopefully this motivation last enough to get me through the semester. Thank you for reading until the end.


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  1. JSylvor says:

    Jasmine, This was a detailed and well-written post, but I don’t think it meets the requirements of this particular assignment. The point of the “Trip Report” was to visit a place you have never been before in New York City, but have always wanted to go and to write an account of your visit to share on the blog, in part, so that other people might have a sense of what the place is like and whether they too might like to visit it someday. Because you are describing a day of work and not a NYC attraction, it’s hard to see how this works as a “Trip Report.” Still, your thoughts about your work and what you learned from the experience were nuanced and interesting. I appreciate your sharing them!

  2. n.acosta says:

    Jasmine, I really love all the details that you included in your trip report. The details make me feel like I was part of the experience which I find amazing!!

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