Welcome to this college-level second-semester introductory writing course. In this course, you’ll develop confidence in your ability to write professionally and with multiple modes of communication. Throughout the term, you’ll complete four major assignments: website, synthesis, primary research, and research-based professional report. There are also two mini assignments: 1) a proposal to choose a research topic for the semester and 2) a digital remix to present your research to a different audience employing multiple modes of communication.

Please note that the course is systematically structured and each major assignment has a similar setup that builds the Writing Process into the assignment. The Writing Process is arguably the single most important discovery of scholars of first-year writing. Thus, the process is built into the course curriculum at the inter- and intra-assignment levels. You are asked to regularly consult the Course Schedule & Deadlines to help you follow the course structure. You’ll be able to find an explanation of the structure below:

For each major assignment, you’ll have a Planning Day in class to learn about your assignment requirements and the concepts you need to complete it. You’ll have a First Draft Review Day, when your instructor and peers will help you understand how to improve the content and organization aspects of your writing. After that, you’ll have a Second Draft Review Day, when you’ll learn how to revise your writing for clarity, appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.  Finally, you’ll have small Group Conferences after each First Draft Review Day to go over content and organization, and Individual Conferences after each Second Draft Review Day with your instructor to go over language-level issues and citation conventions (i.e clarity, appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure). Peer review is scheduled regularly during each draft review day, focusing on a variety of areas. Google Docs is used regularly throughout the drafting and revision process, which are highly emphasized in this course. Everything you need to complete each assignment is on this website.

Please note that while the above-described structure applies to every major assignment, the two mini-assignments (the proposal at the beginning of the term and the digital remix project at the end) follow a modified structure. The proposal only has a Planning Day and a First Draft Review Day. The digital remix project only has a Planning Day.