*Bonus* Close Reading “ O Captain! My Captain!” (Abraham Lincoln)

I enjoyed this poem. The narrator had immense respect for his captain for helping the crew make it through the tough times at sea and arrive at shore victorious with treasure. The poem almost had the same effect as a movie when the narrator revealed the captain was his father it felt similar to when Darth Vader was revealed to be Luke’s father. If I had to relate this poem in any way to Abraham Lincoln there are numerous parallels can be made. Symbolism helps elevate this poem in this sense. President Lincoln would most notably be the Captain who was shot dead and assassinated after he had brought reform to America, the crew or African Americans. The treasure might be the Emancipation Proclamation. Just as things started getting better and they had arrived at land the Captain had died similar to how Lincoln never got to see the immense effect he had on the future with his Presidency. Overall a great poem relating to our 16th President/Captain Abraham Lincoln.

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