Historical New York Times and Wall Street Journal in OneSearch

8 02 2017

As of this week, articles from the ProQuest Historical New York Times  (1851-2013) and Wall Street Journal (1889-1999) collections should be findable in OneSearch.

When Users Report a “Maximum Sessions Reached” Error Message

8 02 2017

If a user is failing to connect from off campus to a database or other licensed resource and they contact us to let us know that the page says “Maximum sessions reached, please try again later,” please let Mike Waldman or me know right away. This is a message from EZproxy, the system we use to allow remote access to databases, and it indicates to us that a computer somewhere (usually overseas and unaffiliated with any Baruch user) is automatically trying log in to EZproxy repeatedly and using up all the available login slots (“sessions.”) We have a fix in place to resolve this as it happens but it relies on us knowing about the problem as soon as possible.

As a general rule, if user says “I can’t log in to the library” or some variation of that, it’s worth finding out if they are talking about OneSearch logins, which require entering a library ID number for a library account that has been activated, or if they are trying to connect to a database, an ebook, an article, etc. that is protected by our EZproxy system (“remote authentication.”) The easiest way to start the troubleshooting process is if you ask the user you are helping for the specific wording of the error message they are seeing and ask them for the URL of the page where that message is displayed.

If they say the URL with the error message is displaying at onesearch.cuny.edu etc. or cuny-pds-lb.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com, then that means it’s a OneSearch problem likely involving a library account that hasn’t been activated yet.

If they say the URL with the error message is displaying at remote.baruch.cuny.edu etc. or login.baruch.cuny.edu etc., then that’s something related to our EZproxy system for remote authentication. Depending on the error message, it could be a problem with EZproxy or it could be a problem with their username and password.

If the URL with the error message is on the platform of one of our databases, that will direct our troubleshooting in a different direction (it may be a problem with database, not us).

Database Trial: Film Platform

3 02 2017


Very large collection of documentary films available for online streaming.

Trial ends

3 March 2017


On and off campus.


Please share with any faculty who might be interested and recommend they use the trial feedback form (also linked to on the Trials tab on the databases page).

WRDS Accounts for Faculty That Have Expired

1 02 2017

As noted by Mike Waldman on the email list this morning, WRDS has started to automatically expire older WRDS accounts for faculty. If you are contacted by a faculty member whose WRDS account expired, ask them to get in touch with Frank Werber from BCTC so the account can be extended.

New Database: Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

31 01 2017

We now have access to “Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law,” a new database from HeinOnline containing primary source legal materials about slavery. Here’s the vendor’s description:

This HeinOnline collection brings together a multitude of essential legal materials on slavery in the United States and the English-speaking world. This includes every statute passed by every colony and state on slavery, every federal statute dealing with slavery, and all reported state and federal cases on slavery.

For more information, check out this quick reference guide (pdf) from HeinOnline.

Links to this database can be found on our A-Z page as well as the following subject database pages: history, black studies, and Caribbean studies.

GIS Workshop Registration for Spring 2017 Is Now Open

30 01 2017

Registration is now open for the spring semester’s GIS (geographic information systems) Practicum, Introduction to GIS Using Open Source Software (featuring QGIS). There will only be one session this term, held in the GIS Lab at Baruch College:

  • Friday Mar 10th

The day-long workshop runs from 9am to 4:30pm. Current CUNY graduate students, faculty, and staff, and full-time Baruch undergrads are eligible to register. Advance registration is required; the fee is $30 and includes a detailed tutorial manual and a light breakfast. Participants must bring their own laptop with QGIS pre-installed in order to take the class. Visit the GIS Practicum page to learn more and to register: http://guides.newman.baruch.cuny.edu/gis/gisprac.

Baruch librarians: feel free to circulate this info to students and faculty, but please do not post on listservs.

Scheduled Downtime for ProQuest Databases on Jan. 28-29

17 01 2017

Beginning at 10 pm on Saturday, January 28, and continuing through to 6 am on Sunday, January 29, all ProQuest databases will be down for scheduled maintenance:

  • ABI/INFORM Global
  • Alt-PressWatch
  • American Periodicals
  • ebrary ebooks
  • EthnicNewsWatch
  • Gannett Newsstand
  • GenderWatch
  • New York Times (1851-2013)
  • PAIS International
  • Pivot
  • Policy File Index
  • RefWorks
  • Wall Street Journal (1889-1999)

Annual Reviews Has a New Interface

10 01 2017

Annual Reviews launched a new interface today. It’s a much more modern design. More details can be found on this post on the vendor’s news blog.

New Interface for Online Journal Search

10 01 2017

Today, we switched over to the new interface for the system used to locate online access for specific periodicals (the actual product is the “E-Journal Portal” from Serials Solutions, although we don’t brand it that way on our website). Typically, users will see this interface once they’ve run a search in the yellow search bar for “Journals” or for “Newspapers + Magazines.” As has been the case in the past, direct access to the interface can be also be found on the library website:

  • Under the “Faculty” menu, select “Journals (online”
  • On the “Help” page, there are links in the “How do I find…” section

In addition to a cleaner, more modern design, this new interface offers a number of new features.


If you start your search in the e-journal portal interface (as opposed to starting your search in the yellow search bar on the library home page), you’ll see as you type matching periodical titles:

Auto-suggest in e-journal portal

A larger search box

A longer box to enter titles makes it much easier for the user to type and makes the interface feel less cramped.

Limiters for peer-review and for open access

On the search results page, you can refine y the results for items that are peer-reviewed or open access.

Search results page with peer-review and open access limiters

Better error messages for null search results

If the user’s query generates no hits, there is a new error message that should be more intuitive than the old one.

Null search error message on results page

If you encounter any problems with this new interface, please let me or Mike Waldman know so that we can get in touch with the vendor.

Bankscope Is Now Called Orbis Bank Focus

6 01 2017

The finance database, Bankscope, has been rebranded by the vendor as Orbis Bank Focus. Through June 2017, there will be both a listing on the A-Z databases page for “Bankscope” and for “Orbis Bank Focus.” In July, we’ll drop the listing for Bankscope.