Firefox Problem in OneSearch Is Now Fixed

19 12 2017

The November 2017 update of the Primo software has fixed the problem we were seeing with searches run in OneSearch by users in the Firefox browser (see this October 6 blog post for details).

Off Campus Access to S&P NetAdvantage Is Working Again

10 11 2017

Users from off campus can now connect to S&P NetAdvantage again. As I had suspected, the settings from S&P had changed with no notification from them and required me to tinker with the settings in our EZproxy server.

Remote Access to S&P NetAdvantage Not Working

10 11 2017

If you’re off campus and try to connect to S&P NetAdvantage, you’ll see our login screen first and then after entering your credentials will see this one from S&P, which we should never be seeing and which off campus users won’t be able to get past:

S&P login page

On campus access is fine. It is likely that S&P once again was fiddling around on the back end of their systems and failed to realize that they’d be breaking remote access for academic customers that use EZproxy software (and that’s most of us colleges and universities) to manage off campus access. I’ll have to fiddle around with the settings in EZproxy for this database to see if I can restore remote access. Look for an update here when that fix is made.

Real-Time Availability for Books Restored to OneSearch

3 11 2017

Ex Libris fixed a problem that was plaguing the last release of the Primo software that prevented real-time availability of books being displayed in item records if those books were held in other libraries in your consortium. Now, if you click through to the record for a book, you should see up-to-date status info for Baruch’s copy and other CUNY libraries that also have that book.

Sample item record in OneSearch for a book (Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky)

ProQuest Databases Are Working Again

20 10 2017

It looks like ProQuest sorted out whatever problems were behind the crazy display issues we were seeing yesterday.

ProQuest Databases Having Problems

19 10 2017

A number of libraries are reporting the same problem we’re seeing now in ProQuest databases: the interface is missing all sorts of design elements and looks to be non-functional. I’ve left a message with ProQuest support to find out what’s going on. It’s likely the problem will get sorted out in a matter of hours or less.

Planned Downtime for the Library Catalog on October 24

19 10 2017

On Tuesday, October 24, between 8 am and 9 am, the library catalog will be unavailable as work is done by CUNY CIS on the server. You can still use OneSearch to find books in our collection, but the real-time availability info will not be accurate until the catalog server is back online at 9 am.

Remote Access to Artstor Is Working Again

19 10 2017

As it turned out, Artstor had been doing work on its search system and changed enough things that remote access broke for all libraries using EZproxy. Remote access is now working again.

Remote Access Problems for Artstor

18 10 2017

On the EZproxy mailing list, a number of libraries are reporting the same problems we’ve been seeing here at Baruch. On campus access is fine, but users from off campus aren’t able to view content (they can log in and get to the Artstor home screen, but that’s it).

Today, I’ll be trying a number of fixes to our settings in EZproxy suggested on the mailing list by other librarians to see what works (neither Artstor nor OCLC, which owns EZproxy have working solutions of their own yet).

Odd Behavior from Firefox with OneSearch

6 10 2017

Recent versions of Firefox have created an odd problem in OneSearch that is essentially benign but still annoying. If the user starts a search from the search box on our library website and if the user puts quotes around any part of the query, then the search results are displayed with this Firefox window asking you if you want to save or open a file download for pdsLogin:

File download window in search results

If you see this file download window, you can just close it and get back to the search results. Please note that you won’t see this problem once you run searches from within the OneSearch interface; the problem only appears after your initial search from the search widget on the library website.

This problem is showing up for all Primo customers (not just CUNY). Ex Libris is aware of the problem and is working on a fix to the code that should be available soon.