Access Problems with Ebook Central (formerly ebrary) Fixed

17 06 2017

The problems we were seeing with access to ebooks on the new Ebook Central platform should now be gone. Since ProQuest moved CUNY’s ebook collections from the ebrary platform to Ebook Central last Wednesday, we were unable to connect to the full text from off campus. After much back and forth with ProQuest’s tech support staff and after my endless fiddling with the settings file in our EZproxy server that enables off campus access, we were able to get things working again.

If there are any ebook access problems you encounter, please report them to Mike Waldman or me.

ebrary: no remote access

8 06 2017

ebrary moved to a new platform EBook Central so it will look different this morning. We are experiencing issues however with remote access. We are working with the vendor to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Remote Access Maintenance Work Is Done

2 06 2017

The staff at BCTC smoothly updated our EZproxy server software that powers our remote access system this morning. Access to databases on and off campus should now be back to normal.

If you encounter any access problems for a database or other licensed resource, please report them to Mike Waldman or me right away.

Remote Access for CCH IntelliConnect

14 12 2015

I’m not sure what’s going on at Wolters Kluwer with their CCH IntelliConnect database but I’ve now had to update EZproxy settings twice in the past month to keep up with changes Wolters Kluwer has been making on their end. Remote access had once again been disrupted over the weekend; thanks to the help of librarians on the EZproxy mailing list, I’ve got our remote access working again.

If you see any problems with remote access with this or any other database, please let me or Mike know ASAP.

MyiLibrary Ebooks Inaccessible from Off Campus If You Use OneSearch

8 09 2015

If you are off campus and try to use OneSearch to get to an ebook from MyiLibrary, you will run into a problem. Instead of getting our EZproxy login page (as you would for all off-campus access to e-resources) you get a MyiLibrary login page, which is of course impassable.

This problem only occurs if you are using OneSearch from off campus. You won’t see this problem if you:

  • use the library catalog (the “Books” search on the home page) to search for the book from off or on campus
  • are on campus while using OneSearch

Here’s a video I made to document this problem as part of the support ticket I just sent to the CUNY OLS Help Desk.

I’ll post an update here when the problem is resolved. In the meanwhile, if anyone needs to get to a specific title in MyiLibrary, they should use the Books search on the home page or launch MyiLibrary from the A-Z list of databases.

WestlawNext Is Now Available from Off Campus

30 06 2015

Thanks to new EZproxy settings from OCLC, we can finally connect to WestlawNext from off campus.

It is important to note that we don’t subscribe to all content that you can find in this database. There doesn’t seem to be a way to limit your search just the content we have access to. To see a list of content we do have access to, click the “Tools” tab in the Browse menu and then click “My Content” on the page that appears.

Restored: Off Campus Access to SAGE Journals and SAGE Research Methods Online

30 06 2015

I’ve been able to fix the problem that was preventing off campus access to SAGE Journals and to SAGE Research Methods Online. All links to these resources on the LibGuides are once again proxied so that off campus users are asked to login first.

Remote Access Is Working Again (Except for SAGE Content)

30 06 2015

The EZproxy server has been restarted and remote access to databases, journals, e-reserves, etc. should be working again (although I am still working on figuring out why we can’t access journals from SAGE and SAGE Research Methods Online from off campus).

Server Providing Remote Access to Databases & Journals Is Down [UPDATED]

30 06 2015

The EZproxy server has just stopped working. I’ve asked BCTC to look at it ASAP. This means that the links to databases and journals won’t work on campus unless you manually remove the prefix from the address you’re trying to go to. Example:

Academic OneFile

Use this instead:

For on campus access only. Off campus access won’t be possible until the EZproxy server is brought back up.

Updates to follow as needed.

[UPDATE 30 June 2015, 1:15 pm] The problem has been fixed.

Problems with Off Campus Access to SAGE Journals and SAGE Research Methods Online [UPDATED]

30 06 2015


Our EZproxy system that handles authentication for off campus access isn’t working right for SAGE Journals and for SAGE Research Methods Online. While I await on support from SAGE, I’ve temporarily turned off the feature in LibGuides that runs the links to SAGE resources through the proxy server. This means that if you click the links on campus, they’ll work as expected, but if you click them from off campus, you’ll get a page from SAGE asking you to login (instead of getting our usual  Baruch remote access login page).

As soon as I can get off campus access working again with EZproxy, I’ll send an update out on this blog and change the links in LibGuides back to their normal settings. I suspect that the problem will be resolved today or tomorrow at the latest.

UPDATE (30 June 2015, 1:22 pm) Off campus access is once again working for all SAGE resources.