Off Campus Access to Business Expert Press Ebooks Is Restored

We’ve fixed the problem reported here on March 21 that was preventing off campus users from going from OneSearch records for ebooks from Business Expert Press to the full text on the iG Library platform. The problem turns out to be that when the database company changed the URLs slightly for all the ebooks in that collection, that new URL syntax was not shared with Ex Libris, which stores them in the SFX knowledgebase that we use to connect users in OneSearch from records to the places where full text is actually found.

Thanks to the CUNY Office of Library Services for finding a clever hack to rewrite the ebook URLs in SFX. Next, we’ll work on getting the vendor and Ex Libris to update the URLs in SFX. For now, the hacked solution we have works well enough.

Off-Campus Problem with OneSearch Links to Ebooks from iG Library (UPDATED 4 April 2019)

For reasons that I’m still trying to understand, links are failing from OneSearch records to ebooks on the iG Library platform, where we have a collection of books from Business Expert Press. Here what the situation looks like right now:

  • On campus (no problem)
    • Run a search in OneSearch, find an ebook that happens to be on the iG Library platform, click the “full text available” link, and you’re taken to the book and can access it with no problem
  • Off campus (problem)
    • Run a search in OneSearch, find an ebook that happens to be on the iG Library platform, click the “full text available” link, get the “remote authentication” page from Baruch, enter your credentials, and you’re taken to the book BUT you can’t actually view the text and there’s a pair of login boxes on the page from iG Library that are only there for individual subscribers (see screenshot below). The page also doesn’t have the usual message in the top right that says “Welcome, Baruch College.”

iG Library screen asking for login

Here is a sample record in OneSearch for an ebook on the iG Library platform.


It may take a few days of back and forth with OCLC to find out why our remote authentication system (EZproxy) is failing for this one set of content (records in OneSearch that lead to ebooks from Business Expert Press on the iG Library platform). For now, we can recommend to our users that they use the link for “Business Expert Press” or “iG Library” on the A-Z databases page to go in the front door of the database and then search for the needed title.

UPDATE 4 April 2019

The problem is fixed (read the details in this post).

Remote Access to S&P NetAdvantage Not Working

If you’re off campus and try to connect to S&P NetAdvantage, you’ll see our login screen first and then after entering your credentials will see this one from S&P, which we should never be seeing and which off campus users won’t be able to get past:

S&P login page

On campus access is fine. It is likely that S&P once again was fiddling around on the back end of their systems and failed to realize that they’d be breaking remote access for academic customers that use EZproxy software (and that’s most of us colleges and universities) to manage off campus access. I’ll have to fiddle around with the settings in EZproxy for this database to see if I can restore remote access. Look for an update here when that fix is made.

Access Problems with Ebook Central (formerly ebrary) Fixed

The problems we were seeing with access to ebooks on the new Ebook Central platform should now be gone. Since ProQuest moved CUNY’s ebook collections from the ebrary platform to Ebook Central last Wednesday, we were unable to connect to the full text from off campus. After much back and forth with ProQuest’s tech support staff and after my endless fiddling with the settings file in our EZproxy server that enables off campus access, we were able to get things working again.

If there are any ebook access problems you encounter, please report them to Mike Waldman or me.