3 Tips to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile from Static to Interactive

NetworkingMost job seekers today have constructed the requisite LinkedIn profile, but very few feel that they have reaped anything significant from it. LinkedIn is a powerful resource if you engage it. If you think that it will do its magic just by collecting contacts, you are sadly mistaken. You need to be an active, informed user to experience the true power of this social media platform. Here are 3 tips that can take you from an infrequent LinkedIn lurker to a fully engaged and benefiting member:

  1. Add “Skills and Expertise.” You want to add skills that your contacts will easily be able to identify you as having illustrated through their engagement with you. Don’t add every skill possible. Be selective and remember your brand and the skills that are valued in your field. Also, endorse your contacts’ skills   which will engender good will and also potentially reengage a contact that you haven’t spoken with in a while. Make sure that you actually have witnessed and can vouch for these skills. 
  2.  Use the new feature, LinkedIn Contacts. Get familiar with its capabilities and review how to use it. It catalogs conversations so you can see how long it has been since you were in contact with a colleague. It also prompts you to reach out to people on your contact list, which can be a useful reminder that you should constantly be engaging with your network–not only when you need them.
  3. Join a group that you can regularly participate in. You want to get involved in a group related to your field where you are comfortable sharing relevant articles and making useful comments. Don’t just “like” a posting instead make a comment to the person, who posted. It may turn into an important contact.

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