Student Checklist for Virtual Job & Internship Fair – READ THIS!

Welcome to the Virtual Career Fair Checklist! This checklist has everything you need to be fully prepared for our upcoming fairs. For an up-to-date status of our upcoming virtual events, click here for the Fall 2022 Job and Internship Fair.

Tech Set-Up Guide – Virtual Career Fair


  • Turn off ad blockers and allow pop-ups
  • Turn off notifications
  • Recommended to use Google Chrome
  • RVSP for fair
  • Check that the link works 
  • Upload your recent resume beforehand
  • Update your profile to reflect your experience
  • Prepare to take notes and have a copy of your resume on hand
  • Check that your camera is working and have a professional picture on zoom 
  • Make sure the microphone is working


  • Set your status to online once the fair begins
  • Click on Join Queue, employers will show up under Upcoming Chats with estimated wait times
  • Click on instructions to video chat employers
    • Stay on the Career Fair window
    • When it is your turn to video chat, there will be an alert with a “ding” sound 
    • Click on the alert to see instructions on how to video chat with employer
    • Watch the video chat timer to see how much time you have remaining 
    • When time is up, click on “End Chat” 
  • Take notes on the built in note taking system 
  • Make sure the angle of your camera show your entire face up to the top shoulder
  • Make sure your microphone is on mute when you are not speaking 
  • Check that your status is “online” by clicking on the options below the chat profile menu
    • If you need to leave for a moment, change status to “busy”


Setting Up Your Environment

  • Check your background, be aware of what’s in frame
  • If uncomfortable with background, consider virtual backdrop and test before the fair
  • Try to have as little ambient noise as possible, (ie. turn off fans or TVs)
  • Have a strong internet connection, wire in using Ethernet if possible
  • Ensure that you are well-lit and not in shadow or washed out
  • Place your device on a stable service
  • Make sure your device has enough power to run for the fair and that the camera is functional
  • If you don’t have a device, you can loan one from the library


How YOU Can Prep for the Career Fair

  • Dress professionally, see this link for details (business attire)
  • Know your own resume, anticipate being asked about its contents
  • Arrive on time to secure earlier spot in the queue
  • Research employers before the fair (ie. check job posting details, use Vault)
  • Star/bookmark the employers you are most interested in to keep them at the top of your employer list
  • You are able to queue 5 lines at a time- take advantage of it
  • If waiting on individual chats, use down time to join group chats if available
  • Be ready to take notes to help you write thank you notes after


Document and skills prep/where to find help:

  • Live during the fair, the Starr Career Development Center (Starr) will have a chat room
  • Starr hosts career fair prep, interview, personal pitch, resume, and cover letter writing workshops
  • See our counselors to go over your documents (ie. resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters)
  • Check out our resume writing guide (link)
  • Practice using the mock interview module on Starr Search


Enjoy the fair!

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