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Celebrate Your New Job Or Internship With The Baruch Community, And Affiliate Yourself With Other Successful Students.


Our family, here at the Starr Career Development Center, is always trying to find ways to help you succeed and when you do we cannot be more thrilled. We all know obtaining a job is tough but your achievement demonstrates your enthusiasm, dedication and lively personality. It also captivates your presence as a role model for the Baruch community.
It may not seem like it now, but this achievement will be one of the most memorable moments of your life and because of this occasion we believe you should share the good news.
The Starr Career Development Center would love to help showcase your success with Baruch students. We believe your success will motivate and encourage other students to reach their career goals. Your success also gives you access to a community of other students who found success while at Baruch College.
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Want to hear some of Baruch’s Success Stories?

Meet Leon Yuan, Class of 2021

Meet Allison Lai, Class of 2022


Meet Christian Buonamassa, Class of 2020 – Assurance Intern, PwC

“Baruch provides a plethora of opportunities and support in search of internships. It encourages a drive for those constantly looking to evolve their skills and knowledge, while you’re building a network among your motivated peers as well.”

Christian Buonamassa, '20 Assurance Intern, PwC

Meet Devika Sajwani, Class of 2020
“Networking and making use of social platforms such as LinkedIn to reach out to recruiters and diversify your professional social platform is crucial to success in the working environment. We live in a city of endless opportunity-with everything at our fingertips. It is only a matter of time and persistence hard work, which will provide a rich end product. Challenges only exist in the mind, and if you can overcome this, you can overcome anything.”


Meet Navjot Pal Kaur, Class of 2019
“Access to voting has always been an issue that I’m passionate about. In my fellowship with Headcount, I was able to build on my experience in registering people to vote, encouraging young people to get involved in the electoral process and I was able to learn the issues that prevent Americans from exercising their rights to vote in their elections. I initially was interested in Voter advocacy when I was a Pollworker for the November 2018 elections. That motivated me to learn ways in which I could help register more people as well as educate them on the issue in America today.”

Meet Janeisha Farquharson, Class of 2020
“Constantly put yourself out there. Develop yourself in & out of the classroom. Build your personal brand, sell yourself, and know what your strengths are, & leverage them.”

Meet Peter Karakostas, Class of 2020

“You should focus on building a network of professionals who can share their insights with you. People overlook how helpful they can be towards your development. Of equal importance is your sheer will to succeed. You have to want it more than anything else and stop at nothing until it’s materialized.”Peter Karakostas

Meet Annmarie Gajdos, Class of 2020

“College is the time for you to experiment and try new things, so take every new opportunity that comes your way.  Don’t be afraid to try a role that’s drastically different from anything you’ve done before. Learn as much as you can about the different fields that interest you. The combination of a variety of diverse professional opportunities will enhance your learning experience and make you a more desirable candidate for the job of your dreams.”Annmarie

Meet Joel Desouve, Class of 2019

“Your intuition is one of the most valuable skills you have, do not ignore it since it often gets it right. The more you are willing to follow your passion for helping others the more great opportunities will come to you as well. When networking, forget about people’s appearance since it doesn’t help in anything. No matter what you are doing do it genuinely well because someone is always watching you.”

Meet Fabrice Previl, Class of 2020

“An interview is like a conversation. What differentiates you from others is your story. So always be yourself and confident in what you can accomplish. Be curious, ask questions, and be ready to speak up”

Meet Radhika Kalani, Class of 2020

“As a person that’s always been fascinated by finance and technology, I never thought I’d see myself at an accounting firm. But that’s the beauty of college! I learned to never say “no” and always apply this to everything and anything. I highly recommend applying to leadership conferences and summer internships in various companies/industries so you’re a step closer to understanding what you want to do full time!”

Meet Nazratun Chowdhury, Class of 2019

“Do not give up in job search due to the fear of rejection. Keep on trying and learn from the mistakes. You only need one opportunity to change your life.”Nazratun Chowdhury

Meet Norman Qian, Class of 2019

“Take as many shots as you possibly can. There’s no penalty for getting rejected from a position, but you really only need one lucky break to make it in. If you start early, and remain persistent, you’re giving yourself a extremely good chance at landing that big internship. Be relentless.”Norman Qian

Meet Kam Kit Fung, Class of 2020

“Being confident in yourself is a huge plus! When you are confident, you will show your enthusiasm to people without realizing it. Always feel free to share your own unique story to make yourself stand out. If you get rejected, don’t give up. Remember, your failure is the most valuable experience to learn from.”

Meet Timmy Zhu, Class of 2019

“Definitely use all the resources that Baruch has to offer! What really helped me was the massive amount of events that Baruch has with professionals, whether they are offered by Starr or clubs on campus.”Timmy Zhu, Summer 2019 Audit Intern at Deloitte

Meet Serena Zou, Class of 2018

“Networking is the key to landing a position. When I learned that online applications didn’t work for me, I thought about who I knew and also who would possibly help me out of the people I knew. Ask for a coffee chat but not a job. If a person is willing to have coffee with you, he/she is willing to help you, one way or another.”

Meet Andrea Soto, Class of 2019

“Being in an environment like Baruch has allowed me to push myself to look for greater opportunities. Seeing so many of my peers I have met in my classes and in club life dedicate so much hard work towards paving their professional career has inspired me to work even harder, apply for anything and everything, no matter how intimidating. My biggest piece of advice to anyone searching for an internship: just go for it. You never know who will say yes and where you can be a good fit.”Andrea Soto

Meet Samuel Shteynberg, Class of 2021

“Leverage your network. Your professional network is your biggest asset and key for your career success.”Samuel

Meet Juan Mendoza, Class of 2019

“Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, in an environment that fosters innovative thinking and diversity of thought, is key for continuous professional development. Don’t just network, build meaningful relationships with students, alumni, faculty, and recruiters.”Juan Mendoza

Meet Kaiyell Pettie, Class of 2021

“Attending every corporate event possible is crucial to landing your dream internship. Your goal should be for all of the recruiters to know your name by the end of the semester and to have a recurring image of you when they are recruiting for competitive internships.”Meet Alvin Wu, Class of 2018 “To my fellow international students: 1) Step out of your comfort zone since the best things happen only when you’re uncomfortable 2) Start from doing small activities such as participate in the Starr career workshop to challenge yourself  3) Treat all the failures as a learning experience 4) Find a coach! Your peer from student clubs, a professional from networking events. Make sure to get one for yourself! 5) Be confidence, empowering yourself and perform research before attending any on-campus recruiting events 6) Remember to utilize every single ounce of resources Baruch provides!”Alvin WuMeet Tina Echeverria, Class of 2019

“Being active in club life and sharpening your leadership skills early on at Baruch is the key to success. When I was a freshman I went to any and every club event so that I could gain knowledge, insight and obtain advice from upper class student leaders. Through my involvement with the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA), I was able to build relationships with various business professionals which led to my sophomore internship at Bank of America. My junior year I became President of ALPFA, where I worked closely with STARR to give Baruch students the opportunity to learn and connect with different companies on and off campus. I was introduced to Google through STARR, not knowing that would lead me to becoming a Google BOLD intern. My biggest piece of advice for incoming students is to get involved in club life and participate in extracurricular activities. We are lucky to call New York City our college campus, utilize it for all that it’s worth.”Tina Echeverria

Meet Nazifa Humayun, Class of 2017

“Rejections only open doors for more opportunities; so never give up and keep giving your best with a smile on your face.”Nazifa Humayun, Two Trees Management

Meet Patrycja Koszykowska, Class of 2018

“Have a positive mindset, hold yourself accountable, and stay curious”Patrycja Koszykowska, Master's program at the University of Cambridge

Meet Samuel Burgos, Class of 2018

“Work, self awareness, and humility. Those 3 things will excel you to your best self. Work when everyone else is resting and try new experiences that will test yourself- this is all apart of the learning process. Be self aware and have discipline- this will allow you to maximize your strengths, and capitalize on your weaknesses. Be humble. Never forget where you came from. Love everyone, be genuine and be your best self.”Samuel Burgos, Sales Representative, Bloomberg BNA

Meet Nabil Rahman, Class of 2018

“Everyone has their own story in job hunting. Some will have positive and some will have negative experience from the same employment process. Resume is the trailer of your show. If you don’t impress with your trailer, no one is coming to watch the show. If you fail to receive a call back after you apply for a position, there must be some polishing to be done with your resume. If you get to the first interview, but unfortunately don’t make it to the next one; know that you are qualified for the job. You just have to work a little bit more on the interview skills; so that your interviewer feels just as confident about you, as you feel about yourself. Self confidence is the most important of all. Don’t lose it! I have a folder in my email with all the rejection letters from every single firm that rejected me. There are always going to be rejections, but good times are ahead. Remember you only need one “YES” to change your story.”

Meet Rebecca Vicente, Class of 2019

“I’ve always found that searching for internships and jobs that I am genuinely interested has served me better than trying to mass apply to jobs.”Rebecca Vicente // Greenwich House Pottery

Meet Anna Glinski, Class of 2018

“Searching for a job is stressful, confusing, and overwhelming – but is ultimately limitless. Don’t feel limited by your major in your job search, but rather take your time in college to explore different fields.”Anna Glinski // Havaianas

Meet Idan Baum, Class of 2019

“Be focused during your job search. Make sure to tailor your resume, responses and interview skills to the specific role and employer. Know the company inside out. Remember that no matter how many rejections you may receive, you should always be persistent and utilize every experience to learn and grow. Those experiences will bring you one step closer to your goal.”Idan Baum // P&G

Meet Razieh Arabi, Class of 2019

“Discovering my strengths and setting up clear objectives have been instrumental to outline incremental goals to achieve. By knowing what I wanted to accomplish, I was able to channel different resources and programs on campus such as Starr to guide and connect me with many possibilities. It was easy at first to give up when I didn’t get what I was looking for. It was then that I realized, experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. Your perseverance can be at the end very rewarding. Therefore, never give up on your dream milestones.”Razieh Arabi // PwC

Meet Nancy Tadrous, Class of 2018 

“The Baruch Starr Center was instrumental in helping me acquire a full time job offerupon graduation. Volunteering at the career fair gave me an advantage over other students in that I was able to network with the firms firsthand and leave a long lasting impression. I personally received my first analyst internship from applying to an opportunity on Starr Search, and received my full time offer from an alternate firm I met at the Career Fair! During my journey at Baruch, I have also come to learn that joining organizations such as the Financial Leadership Program (FLP), Modern Guild, etc. will help build the foundation for your career search. Programs such as these provide students with vast resources and exposure to learn as much as possible. They groom you for the finance industry and help prepare you for interviews. I was not part of FLP, but my peers who were all received full-time offers upon graduation from top firms such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, RBC, etc. I was a part of Modern Guild and a few months before graduation was offered an opportunity with Bloomberg, but had already happily accepted an offer from Broadridge. Building a diversified skillet, knowing how to work on a team, and most importantly learning how to market yourself are instrumental in helping secure a full-time offer to help start and grow your career.”  

Meet Sunny Chen, Class of 2018

“The Baruch College community has taught me to seize every opportunity available to me and to be unafraid to venture into the unknown, before I have regrets later in life. I say to always look inward into your failures, successes, and the insights from others in order to become more of who you really are. Therefore, you can be better and do better. I am who I am today and where I am today because of individuals I have met, and the organizations I have been a part of. Understand who has been there for you and reciprocate the kindness and love that was received – serve those who have served you.”Sunny Chan // Google

Meet Thiale Diop, Class of 2019

“Be sure to exhaust all of your resources and capitalize on the opportunities that are provided to you here at Baruch! From the employer information sessions, career fairs, resume workshops, mock interviews, and much more, every experience you take advantage of will bring you one step closer to your goal.”Thiale Diop // Google

Meet Laura Martinez, Class of 2018

“I’ve always been very interested in the tech field but it always seemed like a dream not a reality. Sophomore year I was accepted into the FBU Program as a Client Solutions Manager intern. According to my recruiter I’m their first ever intern from Baruch College. I loved my experience and received an offer for my junior summer, and ultimately after that received a full time offer for this summer as an Account Manager. Since sophomore year I have encouraged many other Baruch students to apply and now we have had 2 other awesome Baruch student interns!”

Meet Mirjana Llana, Class of 2018

“Network, attend events, apply to every single opportunity of your interest even if you think you are under qualified. Ask for help from your peers and your professional circle. It is difficult, painful, but it is a process that makes you grow, and it is worth it. You can do it and do not let anyone convince you otherwise. No matter what, do not give up. In the end, everything will be okay. If it is not okay, it is not the end.”Mirjana Llana // Barclays

Meet Michelle Sheu, Class of 2019

“Can’t stress this enough… leverage your network! That includes reaching out to Baruch alums, previous co-workers, and past professors. And get scrappy. You might need to reinvent your brand to adapt to changing job trends.”Michelle Sheu // UNICEF

Meet Haritomeni Karavakis, Class of 2019

“Make your time at Baruch count! Work hard. Use the resources around you. Expand your network. Never stop learning. Be yourself and most importantly never give up!”Haritomeni Karavakis // EY

Meet Steven Pelaez, Class of 2018

“Expose yourself to organizations and events on campus, or even career prep programs like FLP, SEO, MLT, and Modern Guild. Create relationships with everyone, from students, to professors, to professionals. Stay informed with what’s going on at Baruch and outside of Baruch. Be aware of all the potential opportunities and keep in mind that hard work never betrays”Steven Pelaez // RBC Capital Markets

Meet Anika Hossain, Class of 2018

“I grew up in the post 9/11 era, which means I have been taught to believe that I needed to be ashamed of my Bangladeshi Muslim identity. When I discovered Ms. Marvel, the first Muslim-American superhero, I was thrilled to see a Muslim being represented on a positive light in mainstream media. I was inspired to write an open letter to her, which was published on I also had the opportunity to be featured on an episode of “How Comics Saved My Life”, where I talked about my past issues with self acceptance and how I overcame them. Including these on my portfolio was a game changer. I started getting calls from prestigious companies, and eventually landed an offer at TED. This helped me realize that authenticity – the quality of embracing who we are, can open so many doors in life.”Anika Hossain // TED Confrences

Meet Bacare Jamekay, Class of 2019

“With a college like Baruch, we are afforded the luxury of having a career center that supplies an abundance of resources for our job and internship searches. From developing our application materials, to honing our interview skills, there is a great amount of aid you can find on campus. As someone who came into college with a shell of a resume and no interview experience, it was crucial that I went out and got the help I needed so that I could successfully go through the recruitment process and procure the opportunities I really wanted.”Bacare Jamekay // Goldman Sachs

Meet Marc Palucci, Class of 2019

“Success is no accident! It is hard work, sacrifice, trial and error, and perseverance. When you go home at night, instead of turning on the TV, pick up a book or read a newspaper! When you’re sleeping, someone else is working towards the same goal.”Marc Palucci // DTCC

Meet Ashley Mangar, Class of 2019

“Searching and preparing for internship opportunities wasn’t easy to do on my own. I needed help to perfect my resume, format my cover letters, and master the interview to get what I want.  The Starr Career Development Center did just that and more. Under their guidance, I found my self-confidence that landed me an opportunity today. Thank you SCDC!”Ashley Mangar // Empire State Development

Meet Ashelle King, Class of 2018

“My job search experience has been tough and still is. However, Starr Search Career development website has helped ease the job search process. So far I have received 5 interviews when applying through Starr Search. Having said that, I also use other websites.”Ashelle King // Assembly Woman Diana Richardson's Office

Meet Jackson You, Class of 2020

“As students, we have so many resources that many of us simply don’t take advantage of. Go on coffee chats with alumni and figure out what you really want to do. Join clubs and learn how to present yourself professionally. Take advantage of STARR’s resources and ace your interview. Be persistent, do a little more than everyone else to stand out, and don’t let rejections bring you down. Enjoy the process while you’re at it!”Jackson You // Amazon

Meet Farah Khan, Class of 2020

“Prior to applying for jobs, I reached out to Starr Center’s staff and went through many workshops & counseling sessions to prepare myself for job interviews. I applied to all my jobs through the Starr Career website because it was the most convenient”Farah Khan // Investmnet Management Co.

Meet Gabriella Capello, Class of 2018

“Think about the firm where you ultimately want to be. Ask yourself “is there a work-life balance?” “how female friendly is the firm?” and “what are the growth opportunities?” Keep your options open to any opportunities.”Gabriella Capello // RSM US LLP

Meet Brandon Chan, Class of 2019

“The most important thing that I’ve learned through my job search experience would be not to lose hope. During my sophomore and freshmen year when I was looking for internships, I was rejected from a place that I really wanted to work at. I was initially a bit disappointed by it, but if I didn’t continue to persevere and continually apply to internships almost every day, I wouldn’t have been able to get the internship that had previously turned me down.”Brandon Chan // NBC Universal

Meet Claude Martelly, Class of 2019

“Went to events and applied online. I was also very patient and networked a lot during those events. In addition to that, I used Starr Search, went to mock interview sessions and joined 2 clubs which have allowed me to obtain my job”Claude Martelly // Guardian Life Insurance

Meet Valeriya Drachuk, Class of 2020

“Using the STARR career search helped me so much in finding a new position. I have never been offered so many interviews and positions at a time.”Valeriya Drachuk // Bond No. 9

Meet Khizra Athar, Class of 2019

“Be involved and utilize every resource Baruch has to offer.”Khizra Athar // MassMutural

Meet Christopher Hall, Class of 2019

“Never let anyone tell you that an opportunity is impossible, as someone who has 2 learning disabilities – Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia – there were times that it was hard, I felt mentally drained and sometimes discouraged. Do not stray away! Boeing does not even recruit in New York for its business program and the nearest Boeing location to me is in Washington D.C. This did not deter from my goal of getting into my dream company. Hard work, persistence, and consistency pays off in the end. Positivity always wins and work at your craft until you make your vocation a vacation!”Christopher Hall // Boeing

Meet Joseph Coburn, Class of 2021

“The best thing to do is always research the organization you are interested in working with. Be up to date with any news that affects them and be knowledgeable of their offices organization. Be very passionate about the role you’re applying for.”

Meet Ayman Abdel-Naby, Class of 2018

“Utilize every resource offered in this school, whether it’s from the Starr career center, clubs, or even faculty to gain the competitive advantage that allows you to thrive in your professional development and the job market. Take every opportunity that comes your way and use them as stepping stones to reach your goal.”Ayman Abdel - Naby // EY

Meet Elizabeth Kornfeld, Class of 2018

“Apply to everything. Now is your time to experience different types of internships and to gain a better sense of what you do and do not like.”Elizabeth Kornfeld // JP Morgan Chase

Meet Zakari Abubakar, Class of 2019 “Industry.Role.Focal Point. Before you start your job or internship search, figure out your industry of interest. Follow up by searching relevant roles and see which align with you personally. In addition, network with individuals practicing these roles and ask questions surrounding their day-to-day and opportunities for growth from a career standpoint. Attune yourself to find a company that offers you all of which you value, whether that’s compensation, volunteering, professional development, or whatever it is you care about. Ensure the value add is mutual through a symbiotic relationship.”Zakari Abubakar // EY

Meet Arzu Ozdemir, Class of 2018

“Take advantage of the powerful network and the countless opportunities that Baruch has to offer. Don’t ever underestimate the power of networking – attend career fairs, information sessions, and familiarize yourself with the events and organizations that take place on campus. It’s not just what you know, but who knows you! The recruiting process is a numbers game, it only takes one “YES”. Make your four years count!”Arzu Ozdemir // AIG Meet Denise MacQuire, Class of 2018

“Most importantly, talk with your classmates. Just say hi, sometimes they will tell you what they’re up to and provide more insight. All you have to do is be nice. You never know, how many awesome things the person sitting next to you is doing.”Denise Macquire // New York Assembly

Meet Alba Rajanibala, Class of 2018

“Failure is inevitable, but every failure was an item on my ‘do not repeat’ list as I moved forward. Do the research before the interview, don’t be afraid to ask questions on the job, and ask for feedback afterwards. Listening is underrated!”Alba Rajanibala // Publics Groupe's SapientRazorFish

Meet MD Uddin, Class of 2018

“With the countless job opportunities Starr had offered, I always felt that there was a chance of success. Every opportunity may not work out, but it motivated me to keep trying again. The OCR process trained me to become better at interviews!”MD Uddin // JP Morgan

Meet Katerine Dorovitsine, Class of 2020

“Starr helped me become a competitive candidate for my internship and taught me how to present myself professionally.  I would highly recommend that all students take advantage of services such as resume/cover letter reviews and mock interviews during their job or internship search.”Katherine Dorovistine // Goldman Sachs

Meet Aliou Sidibe, Class of 2019

“All Baruch students should get involved with student clubs and organizations on and off campus.  This is a great way to connect with other like-minded students and develop skills that are transferable to your future workplace. Be sure to utilize every campus resources such as the Starr Career Development Center.”Aliou Sidibe // EY

Meet Erika Apupalo, Class of 2018

“Starr has been essential to my professional development. It equipped me with tools and resources to present myself professionally in front of prospective employers, which resulted in landing a successful internship.”Erika Apupalo // Lincoln Center for Preforming Arts

Meet Parmeet Manchandani, Class of 2020

“Utilizing Starr’s breadth of resources adequately prepared me for recruiting season. Mock interviews were especially helpful since they gave me an idea of what to expect in real-life situations.”Parmeet Manchandani // JP Morgan