Hardships In Literacy

This week so far has been good for me as I have finished a lot of my assignments including a 5-page narrative essay. This was engaging for me as I was able to break down how I got into writing and reading. The writing for me went very smoothly if I say so myself because I was able to translate my life experience into a piece of literacy work. After I finished my narrative essay I felt very relieved as it was one of the biggest projects I did since I started to attend Baruch. But I still had to tackle A lot of math work as it was piling up very fast. Which I need to get done this weekend ASAP. For all my other classes like history and sociology I will be honest they are very chill right now but I do not know if they will stay that way.

Previously when I started writing long essays an essential technique for me was that I had to make a connection with either the texts or the prompt. I do this because it helps me get a better vision of what I am going to write and I can include that will give the readers an outside perspective which will make my paper stand out more. I know a lot of people that struggle to break down a prompt and I tell them to just read over it again so they can make a connection with the prompt. Something that bothers me a lot is when the prompts are divided into bullet points and a lot of the bullet points will be just saying the same thing but rephrased which for me is just annoying because it puts me in a position where I have to look over and over the bullet point to differ them from others. But other than if I see any other problem with my writing I follow these steps:

  • Break the text/prompt down and make a connection to it.
  • Try to evaluate the outcome that the prompt is asking for.
  • Sometimes I will use rhetorical strategies/devices to prove my point.

Those three steps are essential for me and I have others but that will take a long time. 

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