Welcome to the Funhouse where your reality and fantasy are interchangeable.


Like when Alice fell down the rabbit hole, Princess Kim invites you to see yourself in the Funhouse mirrors.

Grimm - Snow White

If you desire to be the fairest of all. This mirror will tell you the definite truth. The Queen thought no one should be more captivating than her, she even sought to kill her step-daughter over it. Poor Queen, jealousy is not becoming. Sometimes it’s not just how you view yourself, but how others view you.


Is there a secret you’re dying to get out? In this mirror your inner fantasy can become your outer reality. Bruce Jenner felt that the person he was on the outside did not match the person he was on the inside. He took control of his inner-self and created his outer-self. How others see you may not matter compared to how you see yourself.


Who are you?