The Kardashianland Freak Show Experience 

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(promotional image of the Kardashianland Freak Show published in 2015 featuring Kimbo and Miss Jenna)

Here at the freak show, our most popular attraction, you can watch the greatest show on earth, LIVE. Come and See: Kimbo the Clown, Eolhk the giant woman, North the smallest girl in the world, and Bor who can eat anything. And come see MANAGER OF THE FREAKS, Miss Jenna the fortune teller. It’s Epic! It’s Fantastical! And it’s Real all at the same time!

These freaks are a family, and they invite all of your family to come watch them preform. Experience first hand the performance that “wows” them all. After this show, you may just realize you are not so different from the freaks after al.

The Kardashianland Freak Show History

This exhibit was inspired by Barnum and Bailey’s, Eli Bowen. (pictured below)


(Image shows Bowen, his wife, and his two sons in posed for a picture in 1880)

Bowen was a legless, circus freak who was respected for his craft and his ability to keep his family united. It is wonderful that Bowen was able to father children in his condition, let alone, be active in their lives.

Oceancrest imagined the same thing for Kris Jenner and her family. Her ability to launch her fantastical children into stardom despite all her set backs. In the 2015 New York Times article entitled Where would the Kardashians be without Kris Jenner, we learn that “Kris realized the pool of talent she had right there in her own home, as well as their potential for financial security” and she capitalized on it. It started with the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and moved to include the founding of Kardashianland, the theme park.

The success of this family depended on their manager, their ring leader, Kris Jenner. Her vision for her family may have started as a fantasy, but it became a reality. Now the Kardashianland freaks may seem dysfunctional, but they are a a real family; as real as the fantastical family we see on TV.


 Now, you don’t have to watch the spectacle of family from the comfort of your living room. Come see it live at Kardashianland

For tickets, please Tweet a picture of your family with the hashtag #REALORNAH to be  entered in our ticket raffle.