A line of storm troopers stands facing one direction. One in the middle has his mask off and faces the camera.

English Sentences into Entity Relationship Diagrams (CIS)

Activity aim: Students should learn to strip sentences down to basic components necessary to determine the elements of ERD. They will learn to spot nouns and verbs in each sentence, and translate them into Entities and Relationships elements accordingly. Subsequently … Continue reading English Sentences into Entity Relationship Diagrams (CIS)

A row of rubber ducks with one that is wearing a Darth Vader helmet to symbolize an error in a sequence

Normalization Game (CIS)

Activity aim: Learn normalization techniques by having students set up cases that need normalizing, and their peers resolving the normalization errors. Materials: Blackboard Discussion Board discussion. Time estimated: 30 minutes Prep for teacher: Set up Discussion Board discussion. Prepare the … Continue reading Normalization Game (CIS)