A Storm Trooper from Starwars stands in front of an iPod and looks puzzled

Think / Pair / Share with Clickers (Library Science)

Activity aim: To get students to apply course material to a real-life scenario Materials: Printed worksheets, Plickers/Top Hat (learn more about Plickers here; learn more about Top Hat here) Time estimated: 20 minutes Prep for teacher: Set up Plicker questions, set up … Continue reading Think / Pair / Share with Clickers (Library Science)

Two action figures look like they're having a conversation with each other and stand against contrasting backgrounds

Jigsaw Reading

Activity aim: To provide students with an opportunity to gain exposure to multiple readings; to encourage students to review / synthesize / draw connections between multiple texts; to review reading in preparation for a discussion Materials needed: An article questionnaire … Continue reading Jigsaw Reading