A mole man action figure holding a pen

Collaborative Notetaking

Activity aim:  To share notetaking strategies; to report back on group work in a more efficient way; to keep track of what happened during a learning activity for students’ later reference; to share questions and confusion in real time Materials: … Continue reading Collaborative Notetaking

Six action figures stand together as a group in a line

A Group Research Project in 6 Parts (Marketing)

Activity aim: Team work and collaboration; conducting marketing research; peer review Materials: See below Time estimated: See below Prep for teacher: See below Note: This series of 6 activities are distinct steps in a group research project that amounts to 30% of the student’s … Continue reading A Group Research Project in 6 Parts (Marketing)

Two action figures look like they're having a conversation with each other and stand against contrasting backgrounds

Jigsaw Reading

Activity aim: To provide students with an opportunity to gain exposure to multiple readings; to encourage students to review / synthesize / draw connections between multiple texts; to review reading in preparation for a discussion Materials needed: An article questionnaire … Continue reading Jigsaw Reading

A row of rubber ducks with one that is wearing a Darth Vader helmet to symbolize an error in a sequence

Normalization Game (CIS)

Activity aim: Learn normalization techniques by having students set up cases that need normalizing, and their peers resolving the normalization errors. Materials: Blackboard Discussion Board discussion. Time estimated: 30 minutes Prep for teacher: Set up Discussion Board discussion. Prepare the … Continue reading Normalization Game (CIS)

An action figure of the painter Vincent Van Gogh paints water lillies onto the screen of an iPhone that has been set up on an easel. There is a box of paints sitting on the floor behind him.

Understanding Contrast (Graphic Design)

An active learning module to analyze, process, and learn visual information with students providing content, research, and presentation (inside out lecture). Activity aim: Students will review, synthesize, and select exemplary samples of contrast on their homework reading to further understand … Continue reading Understanding Contrast (Graphic Design)

Geordi and Data from Star Trek stand next to each other. Data holds a calculator, and Geordi points to the camera. They're standing in front of a control room.

Think / pair / share

Activity aim: To get students to synthesize the most important “takeaways”; to build student confidence to ask questions; to have students reflect on their points of confusion Materials: Nothing! Activity description: Think / pair / share is probably the simplest … Continue reading Think / pair / share