Six action figures stand together as a group in a line

A Group Research Project in 6 Parts (Marketing)

Activity aim: Team work and collaboration; conducting marketing research; peer review Materials: See below Time estimated: See below Prep for teacher: See below Note: This series of 6 activities are distinct steps in a group research project that amounts to 30% of the student’s … Continue reading A Group Research Project in 6 Parts (Marketing)

A very buff action figure sits on the edge of a bookcase and reads a red book.

“Writing to Learn” Journals (Interdisciplinary)

Activity aim: To provide students with an opportunity to consolidate their learning or find the gaps in their own understanding; to review key concepts; to check understanding after a more passive task Materials needed: Each students needs a pen and … Continue reading “Writing to Learn” Journals (Interdisciplinary)

Chewbacca hanging upside down looking confused

The Muddiest Point and the Clearest Point

  Activity aim: to find out what students find unclear; to have students (themselves) reflect on what they do and don’t understand Materials needed: You can require students to bring notecards or provide them yourself, or you can just have … Continue reading The Muddiest Point and the Clearest Point