Journal Entry #1

I think the reason why I shut out sound and spend most of my time in my own world is due to all the noise in which I grew up in.  I love New York City. However, I think it’s too much for a person, especially a child. Everyone at a certain point starts to seclude him or herself from this environment, and tries to find peace. This affects everything from health to relationships. I spent high school speed walking my way through crowds at seven in the morning.  I remember how fast my heart was beating, and how hard it was to relax. I have always been walking everywhere alone, taking the train alone, and flying alone.  My dad has gone on a business trip for a month. Therefore, I’m not too scared for this semester because no one has really ever held my hand anyway.  I’m excited to meet people and experience a new environment.  I only hoping to adjust to the elevator and escalator situation. Escalators scare me for an inexplicable reason.

As for my beliefs, I don’t really have any set in stone. I value honesty and acceptance. I gravitate towards people who are confident enough to be open about their feelings. That’s probably because I’m not able to always do that.

One last thing I want to add is that I am concerned with getting home at five. I find myself exhausted by then and I can’t focus as well as I would like to.

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