A Higher Standard

As a Baruch scholar, my time at Baruch will center around one word: responsibility. By being a part of the honors program, I have a taken upon myself a responsibility to fully integrate myself into the Baruch community. My role in Baruch should be that of an honors student; hard working, committed, excited, and a true role model for other students.

While I gain familiarity and confidence, I must take leadership roles among the myriad groups and clubs in Baruch. I must learn to inspire, to teach, to motivate, and to take full advantage of every opportunity that is presented to me. Above all, an honors student should be able to see the world as a well of information; being able to learn and grow from every person, every experience, and every challenge. The honors student must know how to embrace hard work and difficulties, knowing full well that it is the hard work and tests now that truly shape your strength and fortitude for the future.

As I go through my journey here at Baruch, it is clear that there is a rich culture of service and dedication in the atmosphere. With all the opportunities that are provided to for us to succeed, there is a definite responsibility for every student. It is a responsibility to live by a higher set of morals, to learn and grow constantly, and to live a life of giving and meaning.

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