What does it mean to serve your community?

To understand what it means to serve my community, I first had to understand what was meant by “community.” The word community can have very different meanings, referring to a small group of people such as a class or a larger group of people such as a city like Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy.

Everybody has the option to help their community, but it’s those who actually go out that are noted. To serve your community, it can be as simple as helping an older woman cross the street, or as large as going house to house with the hurricane relief workers. There is a vast number of ways to serve your community, but the meaning gets misconstrued.

As a Baruch Scholar, we have all been given the great opportunity to help give back to our community through the community service project. Though entrance to the Baruch Scholars program is attained through grades and we must maintain a certain GPA, it is important to understand the bigger picture. We have been given a free ride to an amazing school, whereas some people are struggling to even live. The times we would have to spend working to make the the money for this college should go towards helping our community. It’s the least that can be done.

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