My next steps

Having learned the value of community service and the importance of being involved in the community, whether it be Baruch or Staten Island or New York, I recognize that my next steps are extremely important. My involvement in the Unity Games for many years has started this process, but I plan to incorporate my assistance into as many programs as I can manage, whether they benefit me or another person that I may not even know. My involvement in the Freshman Seminar class has taught me the importance of teamwork and getting things done in a timely manner, despite the irony of the time of this post as I posted the wrong assignment previously. I have learned the repercussions of actions and the road to success. How I will utilize what I have learned will make me, well, me.

I plan on joining either BAP (Beta alpha psi) or PES (Phi Eta Sigma) to attain an honor roll status in a renowned organization. This will not only increase my chances at a future of successful business partners and friends, but open me up to a world of opportunities. Noting that I want to major in accounting, BAP has been the favored choice. As for non-profits, I am looking to join Team Baruch and/or Baruch Ambassadors. I’ve been inspired not only by Sam Shivraj, but also by Juan, a fellow classmate that was my tour guide when I was planning to come to this school. The program seems to be right up my alley, allowing myself to be a part of the Baruch community and give back to the school that has, after only one semester, instilled a sense of purpose in me.

These next three years at Baruch are the years that I will cherish and remember. They may fly by, or they may seem slow and endless. All I know is that I will make the most of them. I MUST make the most of them.

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