The Future

            I have actually not consulted many faculty or staff nor joined any clubs. My explanation for these actions is my decision from before the semester began to use the first semester here at Baruch as a period to adapt. I decided in the beginning to spend the semester learning about the Baruch life style and what resources it offers. Now that I have learned about the programs and clubs offered I will take advantage of these in the spring semester. I did not want to shell shock myself with such a drastic change and stress so I’m confident that now I’ll be better able to participate in Baruch.
In regards to the community service project it has in fact taught me about the complexity that it takes to run these organizations. People who run these organizations are truly dedicated and passionate people, who should be greatly admired. Community service does truly make a difference on the community and volunteers really do change the lives of others. Every organization that was presented has a clear mission that I believe benefits others but would teach me new things if I volunteered for any of them. Every body has a story and one just needs to be willing to listen, and community service connects these two ends of communications. People, of all different sorts, can benefit from several fields as it is common ground that we cannot live with out food. All of us are connected and our duty is to help each other because in reality we all have more similarities then differences. This project also gave great suggestions for organizations I can volunteer for in the years to come and I’m excited for the experience.
In three years I see myself as getting ready to take on the world. Hopefully finding a job, and friends, and a new goal to strive for besides making it through college. Maybe I will be attending graduate school, but who knows I always feel its better to live in as much of the moment as you can so my future is still unwritten. But I hope it has success in it.

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