Journal # 3

As a freshman at Baruch College, I was offered various resources in the school. While working on the community service project, I learned the true diversity of resources that I had access to. My group had problems deciding and finding a volunteer group. So we actually consulted some upper classmen because we knew that they had volunteered before. We also interacted with out peer mentor, Dariya, as well. She encouraged all of us to reach out to her if we were having trouble. She also checked in on us several times to see our progress on the project. These resources offered to me showed me a sense of community. It made me feel encouraged and excited to volunteer at Father’s Heart Ministries. Initially, I was a bit doubtful about community service and I wasn’t really sure about it. However, as I researched and learned more about the services that other organizations offered, I became extremely intrigued because there are so many people who need help in this world. Everyone has their own story that should be heard and known. Now, I look forward to community service. It is an opportunity for me to grow as a person and be more grateful for everything I have already.


In the next three years, I see myself as a very active student in Baruch College. I hope to be more involved with different clubs and organizations. Also, I see myself interning at a financial company and being able to manage my time much more wisely. Not only  would I like to be fairly active and have an internship, I would like to maintain my GPA high, despite the hectic schedule. I understand that none of this may happen. However, these are the goals that I will be working towards. My main wish is to be happy and content with my actions.