Never Giving Up

Last week, we completed the presentation of the Community Service Project Proposals. The variety of community service opportunities that groups are taking advantage of is amazing. There are groups working to lend a hand in the fight against sexual harassment and sex trafficking, providing equipment to war veterans, helping to feed the hungry and the homeless, and helping to plant trees in neighborhoods across the city.

A major element in our presentations was the awareness of the resources that we are provided as scholars students and our obligation to give back to the community. As college students, we are given access to the Baruch library and it’s faculty who is there to help us find the resources we need when completing assignments. The library further provides students with cubicles, study rooms, and presentation rooms, each catering to different needs. There are also writing centers that help students edit and perfect their writing.

Student clubs and peers also constitute a major part of the college experience. I am currently a part of the Baruch Honors Student Council, and the Ticker. The Ticker, which is the school newspaper, has been the place where I have found myself a large portion of my time. With people always walking in and out of the Ticker and Lexicon, the yearbook club, this room is amongst the most social places in the building. Here, I have made friendships that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. The Ticker has been a place where I have had many debates on moral principles, and conversations ranging from physics and time to culture and religion. It’s intellectually stimulating environment allows me to learn and grow whilst creating friendship that will last a long time.

An awareness of these opportunities instigates me to further help my community. There are people throughout the world that are in need of help. Many hope to learn and continue their education, but don’t have the resources. Others struggle to live through one day at a time, and yet they never give up. If they are willing to try and come out of these struggles, we should be willing to lend a hand in pulling them out of the the hole they are in. Our smallest of actions serve as a motivator for them to try harder so why not take a moment out of our day to help a neighbor in need?

If we are faced with even one obstacle, we become discouraged. We dwell on the consequences of what will happen if we fail rather than focusing on winning. Instead, we, too, should look only towards the future in a positive light. No matter how hard times become or how hard we think the next test will be, we should remain positive, take things one step at a time, and look at everything as just another challenge. Personally, obstacles and challenges have always inspired me to work harder and to win. Everything is an opportunity. Defeating each obstacle one at a time brings me that many times closer to success.

To add, I would like to ask each one of you: If there are people who still have faith in you, who are you to give up on yourself?