I am a first-year student at Baruch College, where I am planning on majoring in Finance. I have a passion for stocks, but I am still inexperienced. Hopefully, at Baruch College, I would learn and master stock market techniques to aid me in stock trading. Too bad, I have to take pre-requisite classes before I can feast my brain with financial knowledge.

I am also a huge fan of the how the way the human brain works. Every day, I wonder why this person acts so differently compared to another person. My curiosity led me to minor in Psychology. Also, if I can understand human psychology, I might get a slight edge in the stock market by predicting trends. I can’t wait to take more Psychology classes in the future.

I love to explore foods from different countries. My favorite is Vietnamese and Malaysian food. Food to me is very important because I feel like I can understand their culture by experiencing their food.  To stay fit and healthy, I play basketball. Anything about basketball gets my attention.