Read Monthly: October

In October’s “Read Monthly,” Bookoccino brewed your monthly dose of bookstore news. I hope this space would be “a learning space for everyone,” as Egypt Otis, an owner of The Comma Bookstore & Social Hub, said this month.

In the East Village of Manhattan, Cleo Le-Tan opened “the first animal-focused bookshop” which is heavy on vintage books, selling books that have an animal or animal character present in them.

For the Bronx, a neighborhood lacking bookstores, Kirstie Reynoso-Miranda opened a bookstore on wheels that houses paperbacks which she also sells online and caters to the needs of Bronx communities.

While fewer than 6% of U.S. bookstores are operated by Black owners, the Comma Bookstore & Social Hub in Flint, “a learning space for everyone,” is where people can go for books written by Black authors. 

Because of paper shortage, bookstore owners, such as Bart Carithers, owner of Next Page Books in Cedar Rapids, are anticipating major delays in new releases and recommending people to start shopping much earlier than normal.

Saint Heron, the singer’s creative studio, recently launched a free community library that stores rare and out-of-print works by Black and brown authors, allowing readers in the US to borrow them for up to 45 days.

Time Out introduces a list of book clubs to help kids indulge in reading while having fun. 

The New York Times crowdsourced a list of books, such as Jabari Jumps, The Ugly Vegetables, etc, that their readers loved when they were little, putting out “gems for every age group.”

The New York Times is asking their readers: “Which books are helping you get through the pandemic?”


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