Perfect Croissants

See the source imageCredit: Cook’s Illustrated

I will be completely honest with you: I have never made croissants at home in my life. For that reason, I chose to include this in the Expert section. I will not give you a recipe in this case because I have never tried it and I’m not sure which recipe would be the best to choose.

What I will do, however, is provide a video with Gordan Ramsay, a famous British chef, working with a traditional Parisienne baker who produces handmade croissants. Here, you will understand why many bakers are intimidated by making these. BUT this does not mean you shouldn’t take the liberty of trying it! If you have the time and the passion, make croissants! Just like making baguettes, you have to be patient.

One last note: the Parisienne baker says that there are only 3 things you need to make the perfect croissants and that is…

                 Love, Butter and Good Ingredients