Yes to the Sketch: Becoming a Pantora Bride with Designer Andrea Pitter

IMG_0865Fabric enthusiast, Brooklyn native, and six years of experience, Andrea Pitter is our November feature for Brooklyn Success of the month. An acronym for her birth name Andrea Tora Pitter, Pantora Bridal is birth to a successful business. The young African-American designer sits with such poise and grace. Her professionalism is displayed effortlessly. She’s what some may call an “old soul.”


Pitter says she got her start in fashion early at the age of 16, when she started designing prom dresses in high school for her classmates. Her first official design order was when she was a freshman in college. She attended the Fashion Institute of technology in Manhattan, NY. She knew she wanted to design and after having her hand in sportswear and contemporary fashion wear she decided ultimately that her design passion was in bridal. Pitter says owning her own business does have its downs, “failure takes an emotional toll.” She doesn’t consume her mind with worrying about competition. Instead she says, “knowing that I have to work 10 times harder is ok with me.”

Her bridal showroom which is just a few blocks from her design studio, sits beautiful gowns. All hand-sewned by the designer, each gown consists of intricate details covered with lace, beads and crystals. “You should be the elevated version of yourself,” Pitter tells us of every bride on their wedding day. Words of wisdom from the mature designer just flows continuously as she continues, “when you get married you are half of you and half of someone else. That person should elevate you. You elevate each other.”


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