Tentative Course Calendar (Weeks 1-6)


Mon., Aug. 27: Introductions, class overview

Wed., Aug. 29: Blog intro; Mcluhan & Fiore, The Medium is the Massage


Mon., Sep. 3: Labor Day – No Class

Wed., Sep. 5: McLuhan & Fiore, cont.; McLuhan, “Selected . . . “; “Raymond Williams, “The Technology and the Society



Mon., Sep. 10: DUE: Response paper: significance statement #1 (~2pp). Assignment will be posted to class blog by Monday 9/3; begin, Manovich, “What is New Media?” from The Language of New Media

Wed., Sep. 12: Manovich, cont.



Mon., Sep. 17:  No Class

Wed., Sep. 19: Gallaugher, Chap. 7 (available online); Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On, Web 2.0 Summit, 2009



Mon., Sep. 24: Gallaugher, con’t.

Wed., Sep. 26:  No Class


Week 6

Mon., October 1: Shirky, chaps. 1-2;

Wed., October 3: Continue Shirky, chaps. 3-4


Week 7

Mon., October 8: Columbus Day, College Closed

Wed., October 10: Shirky, Chap. 3


Week 8

Mon., October 15:  Shirky, Chap. 4-5

Wed., October 17:  Shirky, Chap. 6


Week 9

Mon., October 22: O’Reilly, “What is Web 2.0?,” Social Media Reader, p. 99: Gallaugher, Chap. 7 (online)

Wed., October 24:  Midterm Exam


Week 10

Mon., October 29: Gallaugher, Chapter 8 (online)

Wed., October 31: Rosen, “The People Formerly Known as the Audience, ” Social Media Reader, p. 32; Presentation: Social Networks and Networking


Week 11

Mon., November 5: Shirky, “Gin, Television, and Social Surplus,” Social Media Reader, p. 236; Gallaugher, Chapter 6; DUE: Response Paper 2

Wed., November 7: Gallaugher, con’t; Presentation: Web 2.0 /Peer Production


Week 12

Mon., November 12: Davison, “The Language of Internet Memes,” Social Media Reader, p. 120; DUE: Final Project Proposals

Wed., November 14: Coleman, “Phreaks, Hackers and Trolls,” Social Media Reader, p. 99; Presentation: The Culture of the Internet


Week 13

Mon., November 19: Lessig, “REMIX: How Creativity Is Being Strangled by the Law,” Social Media Reader, p. 155

Wed., November 21: Mandiberg, “Giving Things Away is Hard Work,” Social Media Reader, p.  187; Presentation: Intellectual Property/Remix


Week 14

Mon., November 26: Dixon and Weber, “Playspaces, Childhood and Videogames” (handout); DUE: Response Paper 3

Wed., November 28: Bogost, selections from How to Do Things With Games (handout); Presentation: Games and Gaming


Week 15

Mon., December 3: Taylor, “Gaming Lifeworlds” (handout)

Wed., December 5: Johnson, selections from Everything Bad is Good For You. (handout)


Week 16

Mon., December 10: Johnson, con’t.

Wed, December 12: Last Class, Semester in Review; DUE: Final Projects


Week 17

Finals Week