Why Underground And Is It For You?

“Killa Mike” and “Caveman” are just two of many individuals who fight and have their own set of reasons for doing so. These two were focused on their match ups at FNT, with DJ and promoter Bekim Trenova in his regular role of hosting the leagues event. Trenova was born in Atlanta Georgia and is the “Ring Leader” of FNT according to earphones website “House of Marley”.┬áCaveman is a regular and popular in this league, while Killa Mike was making his first appearance, “I was invited here by Staxx, who is a fighter at FNT, and fought at our league BX Fight Club once, after that we became friends and he invited me over here.”

FNT winners are decided by crowd vote, a somewhat flawed system, especially if you’re facing a fighter that is more popular than you are. BX fight club winners are determined off points according to Mike. Unfortunately for Mike he would lose his bout, and Caveman would win his, though it’s more debatable than the crowd reaction showed it to be.

Although both men like to fight, these events are respectful, at least in the ring. A fight broke out right behind me between two men over a comment one made to the other’s girlfriend. They may or may not have been intoxicated but my solution would have been to just throw them both in the ring. If you’re into boxing that has seats and a venue where a ticket is needed and a nicely lit arena, this isn’t for you, but if you’re down to stand for hours and watch some guys/girls duke it out then look no further.

Wait times in-between fights at FNT are brutal if you’re sober and not partying like most of the crowd, whereas the BX Fight Club fights start almost as soon as one ends. Depending on your preference either may be right for you. Because both leagues charge, be ready to shell out anywhere between $20-$40, unless you know a fighter of course.

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