Boxing is a brutal sport, and yet we gather in crowds by the thousands to see it, in the millions if you count TV ratings. But what about those fighters who are not in the public eye? The one’s who put on the gloves for little to no money. No Pay-Per-View, no compubox stats, and no television time, just you and the man in front of you

Leagues like the Bronx Fight Club and Friday Night Throwdown are some of the more known underground leagues at the moment. These leagues host events for people with experience boxing, or a first timer, sometimes for cash and prizes, sometimes just for hand to hand combat.  There are guys like Rockstar Charlie, Staxx, and even some fighters named after more known professionals like Baby Tyson and little Manny Pacquiao. Women are even participating.

A lot of these events are unsanctioned and the arrival of the police leads to shutdowns and possible legal issues. This blog will focus on the underground aspect of boxing in NYC. You will hear from the fighters themselves and have a look into their life and career, the promoters and coordinators of these events, trainers, fans, and event coverage.