Writing Warm-Up 11/29

Project 3 was a pretty cool project in my opinion because it exposed me to a concept I was not so familiar with, the allocation of resources through the public school system nationally. The thing with this exposition is that something was revealed, the notion that through income inequality in America there is also inequality in education. More and more people are becoming disenfranchised by the system and are graduating high school at a 5th grade reading level or lower (1) if they even graduate. This in comparison to the town where I am from there is a high graduation rate and it can be said (2) that there is a correlation between socio-economic level and education level. Lastly this project showed me that America is not really improving (3) and were not even in the top 10 international countries regarding reading levels. To say that people who cannot read are to blame is ignorant, this is a system perpetuated by income inequality, how is a child supposed to learn to read without a book?

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