Reflections 9/27

To say that I have had my share of times dealing with procrastination would be an understatement. Since an early age I have made it almost a point, to put all my priorities off until the last minute. I really do not think I am all that conscience of this at this point because I think if I were I would have tried to stop it. When I first got to college I was procrastinating a lot with my school work and not carefully managing my time. I was given an assignment for class, the class was American Government. This was not a class that I necessarily struggled with, however, I did not have a firm grasp on my time management at this time so my performance was inconsistent at times. The assignment was an essay on Abraham Lincoln and I forgot to actual question of the essay, but I do remember we were given at least 6 weeks notice. The essay was a research essay and I waited till the day before to start it. It was a disaster and I hope I have not been as stressed as I was in that moment because I was damn stressed out. It ended up taking me over 8 hours to finish the paper as I had to write about fifteen pages. This assignment was a royal pain in the you know what, but as I was doing I remember reflecting that I was the one who got myself into this quarrel, so I had to be more organized in the future.

3 thoughts on “Reflections 9/27

  1. I relate so much. I always put things off because I think I have all the time in the world to get it done, and when you do it last minute you rush and get stressed and its horrible. And the worst is, is that it takes twice as long to complete the work.

  2. I have that problem too when dealing with school work. I put it off until the last minute too and then you end up spending so much time to do it rather than splitting up the work before it’s due. Have you stopped procrastinating since then, and if not, do you plan on changing your habits?

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