Relationship between language and stereotype?

“Stereotyping” is usually a generalization made about a group of people that targets their integrity and honor. Stereotyping does not always have to deal with race, it just usually deals with specific contexts of individuals for various reasons. I think there is a relationship between language and stereotype for sure in the context of language as a tool to write. It is easy for someone to illustrate a stereotype just by communicating the traits of that person through language. Language has its good qualities but in this sense there seems to be a deviance interconnected. Language is what also destroys the validity of stereotyping as well, through language people begin to realize how stereotypes are merely generalizations about people that are only validated when taken seriously. It is worth noting that insecurity in ones self is usually what triggers them to look outside themselves for reassurance, like “Oh those grandmas really can’t drive, glad I am such a good driver”. I could be the worst driver in the world, but as long as those old ladies are driving 15 miles an hour down 2nd Ave I will continue to reassure myself. When someone is making a stereotype they are enacting a superiority complex on their subject, this is another vice of language because it is an expression of value for the person in front of you. The relationship between stereotype and language is hard to define, however, because language is our means of communicating we can point out a deviance behind it.

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