Guide to the Final Paper

Optional draft: email us a draft by 7pm on 12/17, and we will give you feedback by 7pm on 12/18.

Final paper due by 11:59pm 12/20: email the final paper to both instructors as an attachment (Thomas.Harbison at and Lucas.Waltzer at

Your final paper should be 8-10 pages. In the paper, you will describe your contributions to the group project, detail the decisions your group made, and articulate how your group and your work individually drew upon the ideas we engaged during the course.

This is an essay. It should have an argument, and then evidence to support the argument.

Here are some questions to consider. You need not answer these directly, but thinking about them will give a structure to your essay, and help you find your argument.

  • How did collaboration work — or fail to work — within your group?
  • What audience did you envision for your project?
  • What was the biggest challenge you (as an individual, as a group, or both) faced in doing this project?
  • How did the notion of failure factor into your process?
  • How did the methods of digital history change your approach to doing a historical project from previous projects you’ve done?
  • If you could do the project over again, what changes would you make?