Maria Butt

The following image represents me because I am a wanderlust stuck in the monotonous circle of life with work and school. The reason I love to travel is because I love listening to the stories of individuals, specifically strangers. Maps for me are representative of the immensity of our planet and of how much the human race has discovered. Each point on a map is a footprint, a story waiting to be discovered.


Ben Shalom

This image represents me because I play soccer all the time. One of my most favorite things to do is play soccer. I used to play on a soccer team my whole life, up until my Freshman year of high school, where I then joined the varsity soccer team for my time in high school.

Dan Libertz

My name is Dan Libertz and the following image and YouTube video represent two things about me.

scrabble letters that spell out words

I mean, I like words. That’s why I’m here. I like the sounds they can make, the meanings they can impart…I could go on but, in short, I’m a dork. You kind of have to be a dork to be a professor.

Now, the video. Look at this guy. He punts it right to DeSean Jackson at the end of the game! I’m a huge Philly sports fan because that is where I’m from and for some reason I really like when a large group of people chase a ball, puck, etc. around a field, rink, court. It’s kind of stupid but a lot of things are stupid if you think about them for long enough (for instance, trash reality television which I also love). Look at this thing:

Okay back to football and Matt Dodge (the poor punter here). This is arguably the greatest comeback in NFL history. Michael Vick was unreal during this game. I was at my then girlfriend’s/now wife’s apartment and I turned the game on in the 2nd or 3rd quarter when they were down a million. Vick went off and then this dude punted right to Jackson! Unbelievable. What an ending.