Dan Libertz

My name is Dan Libertz and the following image and YouTube video represent two things about me.

scrabble letters that spell out words

I mean, I like words. That’s why I’m here. I like the sounds they can make, the meanings they can impart…I could go on but, in short, I’m a dork. You kind of have to be a dork to be a professor.

Now, the video. Look at this guy. He punts it right to DeSean Jackson at the end of the game! I’m a huge Philly sports fan because that is where I’m from and for some reason I really like when a large group of people chase a ball, puck, etc. around a field, rink, court. It’s kind of stupid but a lot of things are stupid if you think about them for long enough (for instance, trash reality television which I also love). Look at this thing:

Okay back to football and Matt Dodge (the poor punter here). This is arguably the greatest comeback in NFL history. Michael Vick was unreal during this game. I was at my then girlfriend’s/now wife’s apartment and I turned the game on in the 2nd or 3rd quarter when they were down a million. Vick went off and then this dude punted right to Jackson! Unbelievable. What an ending.

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