Learning Module 10 Recap and Next Time

You did it! You are all done Learning Modules for this semester. You also spent some time reviewing an important aspect of your Research-Driven Writing Project–writing with other voices/sources–and you spent time developing some material to reflect on in your ELD.

Please, as much as you can, always make time to stop and think and READ what you have written so you can think about how to improve any draft as well as your habits and skills as a writer in general. This is a good habit to keep up, especially because writing is so helpful to learn about what we are writing about and ourselves.

I’m looking forward to reading the ELDs to see where you see you are learning! More than anything, focus on the how you are connecting evidence to claims about your learning rather than only what you claim you are learning or have learned.

Next Time
  • On Thursday (12/3) by 11:59pm, you will submit your second draft of your Research-Driven Writing Project. If you need more time, let me know!
  • Keep working on the ELD
  • Start thinking about revising any other writing if you want to do that.
  • Start planning for getting this work done by 12/15.

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