Michael Bellido

Hi! My Name is Michael Bellido, The image perfectly describes how I feel about online learning, but we all are trying to adapt to it. Writing isn’t my strongest subject, but I do find it interesting and will strive to progress into a better writer. One of my biggest interests is exploring new things and having fun with others



I love the Patriots and this is a great moment when they won the Super Bowl against the Falcons.

6 thoughts on “Michael Bellido

  1. Hi Michael, I feel like the meme you chose really does show what’s it’s like to have online learning. It’s tough in the beginning to adapt to it but we’ll all get used to it soon. I enjoy writing but I can see how challenging it can be especially with all the revision we’ll have to be doing. But like you said trying new things is half the fun and that’s what we are all doing now. Looking forward to this semester to see what we’ll learn.

  2. Yeahhhh, agreed, Mike. Not my preference to be teaching online, but, I do think it is the right thing to do right now. Not sure if it seems this way, but for teachers, teaching online is actually way more work for us! I’ll be checking in a lot throughout the term to see how everything is working for you all. Gonna look over that Learning Needs survey results soon, too.

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