Welcome to your ENG2100 course!

First of all, congratulations for starting college, and welcome to your first English course! 🙂 

This course is designed to help you reinforce your research, analytical, and writing skills so that you can carry that beyond English and apply it to whatever discipline you decide to major in. 

We will use this website as our all-in-one platform where you will do your weekly work, post, and find any information relative to the course. Start with clicking Syllabus in the main menu. You will find crucial information such as the full course description, my contact information, our unique zoom link (for both meetings and office hours), and policies. Then, consult the Schedule in the main menu, and start having a look at the weekly modules. Every week, you will take a module with readings and commenting or posting, and we will then have a check-in meeting every Friday (except holidays). 

See you on Friday, September 3rd at 10:30am EST for our first meeting (link on Syllabus page).

Happy start to your semester!