13 thoughts on “Revealing The Digital Mirage: TikTok Scrolling – Jaslyn Maan

  1. I loved it. Think it’s a representation of my brain and probably a lot of people’s brains on Tiktok. You captured the vibes of Tiktok really well!! : )

  2. Absolutely loved your video! It’s super creative and this made me realize how much we consume on TikTok in such little time. It’s also funny how my FYP at one point had a good amount of the TikToks you included.

  3. Great Video. The different clips all at the same time were very distracting and I think this video definitely showcased the points you were trying to making in your research paper.

  4. This Tik Tok was amazing because not only was I not able to focus on one thing but it also proved how social media feeds us a lot of information. This tik tok showed videos I would see 30 minutes after scrolling on tik tok.

  5. I did not know what to focus on while watching your tiktok video. It was chaotic and conveys your message about social media well.

  6. I was very confused at first, I didn’t know what to focus on super chaotic like most tik toks honestly and this is how many of think a lot of the times, many thoughts and ideas floating around consuming us at once, great job !

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